Sum up your recent WaniKani Review sessions with a short clip/gif


Before/After I complete my daily 150+ reviews:s%20(1)


When I get 100% correct


When I have to subscribe to WK so I could learn radicals so I could learn kanji so I could learn vocabs so I could study grammar so I could practice listening so I could understand my anime waifu


nailed it!


After a long time without WK

edit: Just realized I have 101 lessons*


When I overtake my friend who’s still level 10


down to 100 reviews left from 1200+
438 burned in the last 30 days


when only Koichi cares about me reaching level two but I’m all about celebrating small achievements:


When the Pink Power Ranger is horny


First master items comes up:


And finish:


Congrats! imagine how you are going to be with Enlightened


I don’t want to think about the nerves I will have about getting something wrong at that stage, haha. I guess those will go away when I’ve made a couple of mistakes. After all, mistakes usually reinforces the word rather than the opposite. So… :smiley: (But still inside I never want to get them wrong. Haha.)


Tell me about it…today I failed 八 and it was already Mastered… to back to Guru


It is so painful that it jumps two steps back. I understand why, but still. T_T


Here’s guru-ing master’d/enlightened items again and again until they’re burned.


When the enlightened item goes straight back to apprentice 1




When I have reviews but my car door won’t open


Is that Bruce-U? IMG_3852


Just bought the subscription.