Suggestion. Search feature to take user's level into account

When using the Search button, it would be great to have a way to distinguish between things that have been learned already and others that are still locked.
A checkbox could be useful to activate full search or limit results to the user’s level and below.
Another improvement could be to order the results according to level. At the moment, some results I have studied already appear far below mixed with items from higher levels.
Thank you for your attention.


The Item Inspector script offers search function that would meet your requirements. You can select a base table and search on it. The most useful tables for search are:

  • All Learned Item will let you search on items you have learned
  • All Wanikani Items will let you search on all items regardless whether they are learned on not.

Once you have selected a table you can une the temporary filter drop down to pick a search function to perform a search. Fell free to explore available options.

Disclosure: I am the author of Item Inspector.


It’s kind of amazing how just about any achievable suggestion on this forum is countered with a functional userscript that does the thing.

Don’t get me wrong, prouleau, your suggestion is great (probably the best “answer” to this feature request that there ever will be tbh), but it’s a little bit disheartening knowing WK might break the userscript at any time, and knowing there are quite a few people who can’t run userscripts.




Don’t locked items appear grayed or something like that?

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Apparently not for search results (I am level 47 but 慈愛 is level 51)

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