Suggestion: No Negative Feedback on Correct Answer

Currently, if you give a wrong answer, you get a red bar. But then, if you answer the item correctly in the same session, you get the negative feedback of that item’s level dropping.

My suggestion is to move the ‘level down’ indication to happen at the first wrong answer instead of at the correct answer. I can’t be sure, but I think that seeing the negative feedback on correct answer is causing me to make more mistakes by associating the correct answer with “red, wrong” feedback.


You could also remove the level indicator altogether, in the App settings menu. That is what I did! The green bar is feedback enough.


I like the indicators, but I’ll use your solution and turn them off for now. Thanks!

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Yes! It also demoralize me for an extended period.

Hmm, one of most popular scripts is the one that shows exact SRS level change (Guru 2, Apprentice 4…).

Also if you make multiple mistakes on the same item within a session, I think it may drop more than two levels.

You kinda need to feel a little bit of pain, pause, take time to refresh the item, in order to make it better later.

Just my 0.02. Some people do not like percentage indicator during session, ans there is a script to remove it as well.


Sorry, perhaps I didn’t explain well, but the popup is not the problem. I like the popup! The problem is that when you get an item wrong, the “level down” popup does not appear. Instead, it appears when you finally get the same item right in the same session. So you get a “level dropped” indicator when you answer the question correctly.

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