Suggestion for Vocab showing of readings

Did not find a topic for this. But i dont think its worth having 1 topic per suggestion. so here we go

蛇行 だこう - showing the reading だ for 蛇. word is relevant to physics, engineering and geography

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Nice. I learned that reading from the fictional animal 闘蛇 from 獣の奏者.

Speaking of 行, they only show off the ぎょう reading once. I feel like one or two more words with that reading would be good reinforcement.

Here are some cool ones I learned recently that could be worth teaching.

  • 羽毛 - to teach the う reading for 羽.
  • 戸外 - to give a second word that uses こ for 戸. (I totally forgot WaniKani even included this reading at all.)
  • 飛び交う - to teach the か reading for 交.
  • 雷雲 - to teach the うん reading for 雲.

How about 神戸? :stuck_out_tongue: Though, more seriously, 那覇 might be worth including, because I struggled to remember 覇 until I realised it was in 那覇.

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