Suggestion for Incorrect Readings

I noticed that this has been discussed before, see here:

But, it appears it still has not been fully implemented. It will at times tell me I have put in the wrong reading, but at other times it will not and will 100% mark me off as wrong. Can we maybe get an update that 100% fixes this where instead of marking you wrong, does the little popup that says you want the OTHER reading? This would be a huge life saver!

Please, Senpai @koichi?

The only time this happens is when it was a vocabulary (purple) item and you gave the wrong reading. It might have been kunyomi when it should have been onyomi, or onyomi when it should have been kunyomi. But either way, that’s the only case when it happens.

For kanji (pink) items, it gives you another chance because both the kunyomi and onyomi are correct answers. They just want to make sure you answer with the one they wanted you to learn before you move on.

It’s not inconsistent… wrong answers are marked wrong and right answers are not.


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