Suggestion for Alternate Definition: "Property" for 産

According to Jisho, 産 (taught by WaniKani as “Give Birth” or “Birth”) basically has three meanings:

  1. (giving) birth,
  2. native of/product of​, and
  3. assets; property; fortune

If WaniKani taught “Property” as an alternate definition, then suddenly, a lot of the Vocabulary words which use 産 suddenly become a lot easier to remember.

  • Bankruptcy 倒産 = Overthrow + Property (as opposed to Overthrow + Give Birth)
  • Bankruptcy 破産 = Tear + Property (as opposed to Tear + Give Birth)
  • Communist Party 共産党 = Share + Property + Party (as opposed to the Share + Birth + Party)
  • Inheritance 遺産 = Leave Behind + Property (as opposed to Leave Behind + Birth)

I’ve added “Property” as a user-defined definition for myself, but I definitely think that it would be beneficial for other people learning as well!


Very good point you’re making. Let’s not forget to tag someone from the WK team as well, this way you will be noticed a lot quicker. @TofuguJenny might I suggest you take a look at this?



The feeling I get is that births (children) were a sign of prosperity in ancient times.

I’ve no idea if this makes sense etymologically, but while births as “assets” seems pretty mercenary/cold-hearted, it seems closer to the core meaning/concept. “Property,” of course, is even more cold-hearted!

I do think “assets” might be closer to the core concept than “property,” though.


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