Suggestion for 理論 mnemonic

The current mnemonic for 理論 meaning is;

You have reason behind your theory, making it a real theory (unlike those that don’t have reason, I guess?).

This is very confusing for me because there’s also this word 論理 on the same level which is the kanji for reason behind the kanji for theory.

So I’m suggesting the mnemonic for 理論 is changed to something like, ‘You put reason first, so your theory is a real theory…’, just so the kanji order 理 then 論 is more apparent.


I was also having this problem in the past.
I don’t remember who or in which thread, but someone suggested that 論理 has a very similar initial vowel sound to “logic” (LOgic / んり), and the same applies to 理論 (THEory / ろん).
I’ve been using that and haven’t failed since! Leeches exterminated.

EDIT: That is kinda unrelated to the topic of “whether or not, and how, the current mnemonics on WK should be modified”. I just thought I’d share that alternative mnemonic with whoever is interested.


Thanks I’ll use that for sure! Much better than my current method of, ‘my gut feeling tells me it’s this… so it must be the opposite!’ :sweat_smile:


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