Suggest a new Reading Explanation

Here is a place to suggest different " Reading Explanation" mnemonics/stories that you came up with. As an example here is one that I came up with when I realized that the vocabulary for “Alone” didn’t have a mnemonic to help me remember it.

/purple/ = Vocabulay
/pink/ = Kanji
/black/ = reading mnemonic

That /pink/one person/pink/ over there is /purple/alone/purple/ becuase /black/his toe reeked/black/ (Hi To Ri). Just imagion everyone keeping there distance from one guy with a smelly green toe. Gross!

This is a good idea which has been done in the past but threads are not a well organized structure. So some other people have come up with this more systematic alternative to mnemonics threads: [Userscript] Community Mnemonics (v0.9.7.8)

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