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For whatever it’s worth, I found only 2 instances of 自転車 used with する via, and they are in the form “自転車にする”. The two instances come from books, one published in 1984, the other in 1999. There are no instances of 自転車する or 自転車をする, which are the forms you might expect for “to bicycle” if that was a common form.

Compare that to 314 instances of 自転車に乗* and 6 instances of 自転車を乗*

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自転車にする would be “decide on a bike” wouldn’t it? The にする grammar point.

You can’t をする a bike.

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Snippet 1:

…こで思いついたのがつぎのような方法である。 家から駅までの道のりは、バスをやめて自転車にすること。また、会社のある国電の駅の一つ手前で降り、歩くことにしたのである。時間にし…

Snippet 2:


I’m just a beginner, but to me both of those snippets seem like they could be “decide on biking”.

Anyway, the Konoha website looks pretty neat; I can’t wait till I know enough to use it properly.

Yeah, I see no reason to think it’s not “decide on a bike.”

I agree. And those two were the only instances of 自転車 used with する. No instances of 自転車する or 自転車をする.

Thanks for this!
Yeah, I was expecting 自転車する, as if bike could stand nearly on it’s own like other する verbs. Thanks for clearing this up… My that’s quite infrequent!

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