Subscription discounts?

im at level 3 now and i just saw the thing on the dashboard that said i have to upgrade to premium if i wanna level up.

i was looking at the plans and i want to get the annual one because i dont wanna keep asking my parents to renew the subscription every month but my parents would also not pay for 90 dollars per year.

do any of you guys know any discounts, upcoming sales, coupons or anything like that?


Usually around the end of the year, the lifetime plan is discounted from $300 to $200. There’s no guarantee they’ll do it this year, but they have in all of the last several years, so it’s likely. Obviously $200 is a lot more than $90, but if your parents know it’s a one-time fee maybe they’ll be okay with that. The monthly and annual plans are not usually discounted.

It’s also worth noting that plan upgrades are prorated based on how much time you have remaining on your current subscription. So if you pay $90 for annual now and then upgrade to lifetime at the end of December, it would probably cost you an additional $120 or so, not the full $200. Just mentioning that so you know that you don’t necessarily have to wait until the sale to subscribe.


If you wait a couple/few weeks without subscribing, WaniKani should send you a discount code to entice you into paying for a subscription. It is 20% off and valid for the monthly and yearly subscriptions. Aside from that, there is the lifetime plan discount that was mentioned by seanblue in the previous post.


thank you so much ! <3


i was planning to ask them to buy it around late december since thats when my birthday is so i’ll maybe get the coupon around that time. thanks!


I wish I’d known! I just bought the lifetime subscription. But then, super happy to support the awesome site! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

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Might also help them to know how much cheaper this is than classes or a college textbook


As others have said, there will be a lifetime deal coming up next month. If you can get that for Christmas, go for that.

If you can’t, then my recommendation? Message the WaniKani help line. Tell them you want to subscribe but would REALLY like a deal if one exists. I did just this and ended up with a 20% off coupon on a yearly subscription. I plan to dump this into the Lifetime subscription next month as they will credit the remainder of my subscription payment toward that. So if I had 6 months left in my year plan, I will get 50% of my purchase price back as credit toward lifetime.

Hope that helps!


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