Subscribe now or wait for the end of level 3?

I’m slowly making progress through level 3, and intend to subscribe for the later levels.

But, I’m wondering, if I subscribe now, at about L2.5, the period between now and reaching L3 will essentially go to waste, won’t it? USD10 a month is a lot of money

That’s correct. No need to subscribe until your Kanji progress bar crosses the 90% mark, which is when you would level up to 4.

that’s 90% from all three bars (radicals, kanji and vocab)? Or just one?

You level up when 90% of your current-level kanji reach guru. Nothing else matters (for level-up).

Have they added a third bar for vocab now?? It’s been a long time since I had reviews.

Edit: Nope, I still only have two bars on the dashboard.

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Actually, Kanji only.

thanks, and no not on dashboard - but if you go to the vocab page, or the level page, you’ll find the third bar there

Take your time and work through the last free portion that you have.
There’s still a decent chunk of material for you to learn from 2.5 until the end of level 3.

Also, if you’re not particularly in a hurry, you can sit at the end of L3 for a bit and get those characters well established and into higher SRS levels so the next couple of levels will be less stress, and possibly help you move faster at the beginning once you start paying… but most people don’t really want to wait.

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