Subs2SRS Trouble-shooting

I am trying my hand at making Subs2SRS decks, first with Korean material. Everything seems to be smooth except in Anki the audio clip does not play and the snapshot is not displayed (a broken pic icon appears instead). I wrote up the problem in more detail with photos in this google doc: Subs2SRS - Google Docs

I would really appreciate any help!! I’m determined to try out an AJATT-type approach and create my own decks.

Although this isn’t related to the issue, I see in the first screenshot there is {{{Snapshot}}, which has more { than it has }.

Are your generated files stored within the appropriate folder? Folder recent versions of Anki, this should be ~/Library/Application Support/Anki2 (according to Anki’s documentation).

Can you include a screenshot of the folder showing the path of the folder, and showing the same audio file that is broken in Anki? I expect that it does indeed match what you have in Anki, and I’m sure you’ve already ruled that out an an issue (as you mentioned the file name in your Google Doc), but there’s no screenshot for anyone helping to satisfactorily verify.

Edit: When you open Browse, go to the card with the broken file, click in the field with the broken file icon, then click on the menu icon at the top-right of the fields (the ☰ icon), and select the option to “Edit HTML”, what does it display?

Thank you so much for your reply!

The media folder was just in my Documents, but I was able to find the Anki2 folder and moved the media and TSV there. The screenshot below shows the media folder (audio and snapshots) are currently in the Anki2 folder.

After doing that, I deleted my original, broken Subs2SRS deck and made it again with the TSV that is now in the Anki2 folder. The cards all look exactly the same as before. (All screenshots in this reply are from after I did this.)

Here are some additional screenshots showing the media file names and where they are located.
Snapshot: (the snapshot file name comes from your suggestion of looking at the HTML)


The audio file name (“Goblin_Ep_1_1_0.14.01.630-”) is the same as in the previous screenshot of the Anki note/card.

ALSO: I re-made the deck once when the media was just in the Anki2 folder, and once when the media was in the “User 1” folder in the Anki2 folder. My Anki account I use is currently labeled User 1. The resulting deck was the same both times.

Thank you for your suggestions again; I seem to be back at square one, though. I’d appreciate it if you have any other ideas.

Here’s where my Anki folder is on my computer, keeping in mind I’m on a Linux system:


Note that “Chris” is my Anki profile name, and the media folder is specifically called “” and would contain all media across all my decks.

I recommend to try adding folders/renaming folders so your path matches the following:

~/Library/Application Support/Anki2/PROFILENAME/

…of course replacing “PROFILENAME” with your Anki profile name.

If you don’t know your profile name in Anki, you can go to the “File” menu, to “Switch Profile” for a list of profiles.

I figured it out!

My computer now indeed has the path ~/Library/Application Support/Anki2/PROFILENAME/ I moved the folder “Goblin1” (that has the snapshots and audio) into the folder, but it still did not work. Then I moved the contents of the “Goblin1” folder out of that folder and into the folder.

(So first the audio&snapshots were in ~/Library/Application Support/Anki2/PROFILENAME/ Now they are just in ~/Library/Application Support/Anki2/PROFILENAME/

After I moved the audio&snapshots directly into without an intermediary folder (e.g. “Goblin1”), the Anki cards/notes were generated correctly.

However, now I have all these media unorganized freely in the folder. Do you have any idea how I can have a folder (like the “Goblin1” I had) that separates media without losing access to the media inside? If not, that’s fine. Your responses have been really helpful!

Anki’s design to place all media items in one folder is unfortunate, isn’t it?

Are you familiar with symbolic links (symlinks)? It lets you “link” to a file from another location, so you can access it, similar in concept to “shortcuts” in the Windows world.

You could place your files into folders, but then create symlinks to them in the Anki folder.

This does have issues, thought: if you rename your folder or the file, the symlink becomes broken, and you have to recreate it. And for any media files you no longer want and delete, you’ll have broken symlinks on the Anki media folders. It shouldn’t be too hard to write a shell script that deletes all broken symlinks, though.

If you’re not familiar with symlinks, I don’t recommend trying to learn them and figure them out unless you don’t mind potentially going down a deep rabbit hole of learning. (I don’t know how much you know about computer file systems.)

I am not familiar with symlinks, although I follow the logic that you’re describing. I may tackle symlinks if the interest arises, but for now I’ll just deal with the disorder. I wouldn’t be surprised if the interest arises sooner rather than later, though. Thanks so much again!

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