Subjectively the best Mnemonic ever for the Kanji "Build"

Here, I just wanted to share the best Mnemonic I made. I hope you guys won’t forget that Kanji.



(I’m sorry)


You should get royalties for that. Good work :slight_smile:


And now I have to go listen to it to get it out of my head. :joy:

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Lol nice. Now I know an advanced kanji and I’m still on level 1 :smiley:

Allow me to say that my favorite kanji—for the way it’s pronounced— is りょく(力). I don’t know what it is. Perhaps because I grew up playing street fighter for snes and it sounds like Ryu (pronounced ree-oo for Spanish speaking people) and ryoku also sounds like shoryuken!

Aaaaaand it also reminds me of Ryuk from death note Lol. I just freaking love this kanji. To top it all off, the kanji means POWER! Suffice it to say this is one Kanji I will never ever ever ever forget!


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