[Stylus code] Stroke orders in reading on item info page

  1. install Stylus
  2. Install KanjiStrokeOrder font
  3. Navigate to any WaniKani info page, open up the Stylus options box, and paste this code:
.individual-item section.vocabulary-reading p[lang="ja"] {
    font-family: KanjiStrokeOrders;
    font-size: 100pt;

and voila:

um, i can’t figure out how to do it on Kanji pages. but this is a start.

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You could post this on Userstyles.org to make it more accessible

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There is a similar feature here, via a javascript (tampermonkey) rather than a pure CSS modification.

An enhancement I can suggest is to see how to display the strokes during lessons or review, I dont think that has been done yet.

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yeah that was my inspiration. that applies to the kanji symbol whereas my CSS applies to the hiragana reading.

i keep a deck of flash cards for my apprentice level items so i am constantly writing both the kanji and the readings on cards.

Oh right, I hadnt notice it, that a good point, keeping on practicing kana is always good :slight_smile:

It seems you can’t figure it out because there’s no section name on kanji?