Studying with a voice translator

Has any one successfull been with using a Japanese voice translator for studying? Also new recommendation on the model?

I am wanting to talk out loud about, what I’m thinking and doing and seeing in Japanese, I was thinking instead of flashcarding every noun that is new for me, it could be quicker to speak into a voice translator, hear it and use the new word to the sentence I want to make.

The trouble is, in order to seriously be able to study with those, you already need to be strong enough in Japanese to know that it’s giving you a good translation. They work well enough for tourists, because close enough to be understood is good enough, but if you want to learn the language yourself, you don’t want to be learning bad habits.


Yes, thank you, I understand I have used Google translate on the phone and have seems problems with sentences , I thought I could be good for nouns and verbs and then I would make my own sentences with the garmar I know.

The phone apps aren’t quick at responding and take time to get into. I was hoping someone has done something like this and has a translator they recommend.

Also my wife wants to move to Japan in haft a year where her family lives so I thought it could be a handy thing to have. (She is japanese)

I have passed the JLPT N4

I have one of those pocket translator things, and it is indeed good enough for most travel needs, but it does have some funny quirks.

For instance, we could not get it to understand the word “cloud” in Japanese no matter what kind of sentence we gave it (my girlfriend is Japanese). In Japanese, cloud is 雲 (くも). No matter what we said to it, it thought we were talking about 蜘蛛 (くも, spider).

This is understandable with a short sentence like これはくもです, because there is no information to differentiate, and the two words are pronounced identically.

But even if we gave it sentences where the context clearly was about accumulated water droplets suspended in the sky, it only wanted to return sentences about 8-legged arachnids.

Just one weird thing we noticed when fooling around with it. Ultimately not a deal breaker or anything, but would seem to go against the idea of using it to learn.


That’s a funny story. thank you

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