Studying while Sick?

So I’ve fallen into a comfortable study routine; I’ve been putting sentences from Genki I into flashcards on Anki. On the front I vocalize the Japanese pronunciation, and then I try to roughly translate it into English. However, lately I caught a sore throat which, combined with recent bouts of coughing, have wrecked my voice box. As a result, I’ve been neglecting my Genki flash cards. I was wondering what an alternative form of study might be that I can utilize until my voice gets back to normal. Thank you.

I just answer my Anki cards in my head instead of saying them out loud - as long as you can “hear” what you meant as an answer and don’t cheat, it should be fine! :slight_smile:

(Unless you specifically use them for pronunciation practice…?


Partially. As far as elementary japanese, I’m kind of at a level where I know what I want to say, but the translation and words stay stuck in my head and have a hard time exiting my mouth. Plus it helps with remembering how to pronounce the Kanji for me.

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