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I’m new around here, and very impressed about the method. Along with WaniKani, I have been doing the Lessons (Textbook and Workbook) in Genki. Do you guys think that this combination make a more or less complete Japanese course, or should I add something else to my studies?

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That entirely depends on your goals!

What are your reasons for learning Japanese?

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I think if you stick with this program, you can probably get an N4 after genki II. But then again you might be lacking listening and speaking practice. Just be sure to check resources on those and you should be fine.

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I do not intend to visit or live in Japan so soon. So you can assume I am doing this for the pleasure of learning a new language. I just want to be sure that I am not leaving some part of the study aside. I am listening the recomended audios in Genki, and try to pronounce the sentences, now and then.

What I mean is, once you learn the language, what will you use it for?

Do you want to read Japanese texts or manga? Watch anime/drama without subtitles? Listen to music and understand it?

That sort of thing.

If you want an overall, well-balanced study plan, you could try studying for the JLPT (whether you intend to actually take it or not) and using those types of resources.

I would like to play some games that were never released in the Ocident.
About studying for JLPT, is there a standard training course for this?

If there is a standard training course, I don’t know of it. But there are many resources out there that are specific to the JLPT exam.

If video games are your goal, you probably want to focus on reading and listening, I’d say. So you’ll want to add some audio/listening comprehension practice to your current plan.

All right, will do!
Thanks for the guidance and warm welcome (:

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