Studying person names

We go share here japanese “people names”. Sometimes It is very difficult because names is writing in kanji. So I studying through anki and flashcards resources but If we share some names is good.

Feel free to share names and how they are read!

My list:

田中 (たなか) = Tanaka
武弘 (たけひろ) = Takehiro
井上 (いのうえ) = Inoue
植原 (うえはら) = Uehara
坂本 (さかもと) = Sakamoto
荒木 (あらき) = Araki
哲夫、哲雄、哲男 (てつお) = Tetsuo
吉田 (よしだ) = Yoshida
斉史 (まさし) = Masashi
村上 (むらかみ) = Murakami
遠藤 (えんどう) = Endo
健司、健二 (けんじ) = Kenji


潤二 - じゅんじ

It’s the first name of a mangaka you might know :wink:


His last name is 伊藤 - いとう


There’s just like a prebuilt Anki deck of the most common names out there. If you would be interested in that I can try to find it for you.


I like look for words and only after put in anki. My memorization is more good using this method.

One of my favorite moments in Japanese was correctly guessing the reading of 寛 (ひろし) from my understanding of what names exist and what the kanji means.

This is a good list for me to read at my level. Very confidence building to see how easily I recognise the Kanji and their readings. Thank you :slight_smile:

Can I add 岡田 - Okada. (Hill rice paddy). It’s my partners surname. I should prioritize knowing it. :smiley:

Today I learned that 豊田 is actually とよだ (and not とよた)
The car ompany is pronounced とよた because of a marketing trick.
When written in kana とよだ(or トヨダ) is 10 brush strokes.
By taking away the dakuten it’s eight strokes, and 8 is an auspicious number.


Just to be clear, it can be とよた, but it wasn’t in the case of that person.

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