Studying Japanese Roadmap and Supplemental Materials

Thanks, this is really helpful (I only have learned languages in classroom settings). I was more worried that I would get frustrated since, especially early on, there is a lot of vocab and grammar you dont know.

I read some of Tae Kim’s guide and it seems very helpful and I will definitely look up the others.

What is pitch accent, mind if I ask?

And trying to avoid burnout is something I need to make sure I do, since even just going through the motions isn’t that effective.

No worries about the long response as it is very helpful.

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Thanks! These resources are very helpful!

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there’s no cure for this, you’re to have to go slowly but in the end it’s going to be much faster than the fully classroom route. it’s going to happen(the frustration) anyway. There’s just too much things to learn. you could do something like a core 30k deck. But then the efficient of the method is questionable.

To put things into perspective you’re average novel has 6 to 8 thousand unique words where a significant majority only occures once.(manga/game/anime where you only have dialogue are much lighter in term of vocab and grammar).
Anime difficulty list – jpdb (to get a feel of the size of the vocabulary of a typical anime)

most of the series is paywalled but

is a good start. unfortunately i don’t really understand it well enough to give a short description tho.

Thanks for that, as it would have saved me a giant headache (I dont own many anime (only three: Danganronpa and Persona 4 since I loved the games, and Death Note which came highly recommended and was excellent (narmy potato chip scene aside)). The two VG ones were there, but I was thinking of Death Note, right until I saw it was ranked 10/10. The other idea I had was maybe to watch an LP of a game I have played (so I know the story and context as to what is going on, with the text or VA in Japanese).

Thanks for linking that video. When I searched Dogen, I got stuff on the 13th century Buddhist priest.

haha, his “name” is inspired by that dogen.

don’t take the ranking seriously. use it to find the easiest thing you care about. watching something you’ve already seen before can help alot! i personally re watched a lot of shows i really liked with Japanese subs last year.

since you seem interested in anime, this might be worth checking out. they have a neat script that takes a bit of careful setup but could be worth it in the long run.

while animelon has a questionable legality, it is an easy way to stream japanese anime with jp subtitles and do lookups. so is netflix specially with a japan vpn.

Thank you very much!

Yeah, Cure Dolly has really good content but it’s hard to get past that voice. Not really sure what the reasoning there is.