Study Review Mistakes script

An early version of this “Study Review Mistakes” script is available through the [Unsupported] App Store script.

The idea is that everything you got wrong in your review session you can now go over the mnemonics for. Here’s what it looks like:

When using it you need to press enter to reveal the next section

Known limitations: (I still want to know if these limitations bug you)

  • does not work directly after a review is finished (you need to reload the page for now)
  • does not show synonyms
  • does not show user-specific meaning or reading notes
  • doesn’t let you use the mouse / tell you how to use the keyboard

Any and all feedback welcome!


Why wouldn’t you want to support all meanings, including synonyms? They are there for a reason. As I’m sure you’ve noticed from my comments in the leech training thread, I prefer all parts of an item to be quizzed and available, generally speaking. I don’t care too much about the notes being included though.

Also, the review summary page only shows the most recent review set. This means any reviews I get wrong on mobile during the day I wouldn’t be able to use this for. That’s not a problem with the script of course, just an unfortunate limitation based on WaniKani’s current design.


You know what would be cool to create? A self quiz right after the lessons. When you’re learning, you’re taking your time to read everything and create your own mnemonics. The problem is that for more difficult items, I always have to review them out loud 4 or 5 quick times for the mnemonics to really start working. In this script, we would select which items to review and we would need to get them right two times in a row or something. A well done script like this could eliminate almost any possibility of having a leech in the future.

I could use the Self Study Quiz script, but there I can’t select the items that I just learned. I have to binge them all =/

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Very nice!

I didn’t post this in the leech training script thread but I agree with @seanblue: if I get an item wrong, it is often not clear if the reading or the meaning is causing me problems. I just happen to get wrong whatever is displayed first and it would be good to be able to review both.

About the notes: since I take the time and write my own mnemonics when something doesn’t stick, seeing the notes would be very helpful to me. The same is true for synonyms. They might be more important to me since I’m not a native speaker and some WaniKani terms are just difficult for me to differentiate or remember.

Are you by the way having any plans of combining this script here with the leech information? After a review session, I’m just so done, I don’t have the energy to look up every stupid mistake I made. But it would be really nice to be able to review my leeches in this format whenever I want to do it, not just after a review session.

Thanks for your feedback folks!

I fixed a bunch of problems with kanji (let me know if it ever doesn’t show the correct readings).

@seanblue I made it show all meanings. I intend to support synonyms. It’s a much harder problem to track what material was reviewed on a different device. I don’t intend to tackle that.

@jprspereira, @irrelephant There’s a lot of overlap between what this script does and the leech training script does. My intention is to add this mnemonics prep to the leech training script. But items rypically have to make it to guru before they become leeches. Hmm…

@irrelephant Yes. I intend to support notes. User-specific notes (and synonyms) aren’t part of the WK html, so I just need to request those separately.


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The new version of Self-Study (for APIv2) will have that feature, but it will be a few weeks before I get to it.


Haha, great! No worries, I know you’re busy. Any time before July of 2018 is okay :grin:

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Hi! This script is awesome; it’s really helping my accuracy.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I can’t scroll down to see the entirety of the information provided.

A lot of the time, all of the information fits on the screen but when there is a longer meaning/reading explanation, I can’t see everything.

In the screenshot below, I can’t see all of the reading information. I’m using Google Chrome on a Mac.

Thanks in advance!

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Looks great, but it kind of bothers me I have to press enter to reveal information. What is the reason you have to?

Otherwise great addition and I’m looking forward to your updates on this!

The Kanji dose not appear. is there anyway to fix this? or an alternate way to re study failed items? I install self study quiz and it lets me review wrong items, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to re learn the mnemonics?


Very useful script if the main item would show.
Anyone here can take a brief look at this script and find out why it doesn’t show?

I have zero skills with these scripts but find using them extremely useful so I’m going to be a bit cheeky here and nominate my favourite script master to take a look @Kumirei :wink:

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I’ll have a look when I get home if I can remember to

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Thank you … I really appreciate it … and I’ll remind you if you forget :wink: … if I remember :laughing:

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Gentle reminder @Kumirei :wink:
(But only if not bothersome)

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Well, I’m certainly home by now!

The selector on the indicated line below should be header h1 span and not header h1 span span. That should do it. @AlliCrabi


Haha, yeah. Gratitude for taking the time to look at this in the first place.
You nailed it, all working well now. Thanks again!!

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