Study Log of a Wild Eoame 🐺

19th of December to the 25th of December

Since it’s Christmas, and this week was the days leading up to Christmas, I’ll forgive myself slightly for slacking.
Yes, I have been extremely unmotivated lately. This is an excuse.

I’m posting one day early because I’ll be heading to the airport tomorrow at 3:30am. Just flying interstate, but I’ll be away from home until the 2nd of January.

I have now finished Genki! To be fair, I did skip two or so group exercises in the last two pages, but the only grammar points I still need practice with are the causative, passive, and causative-passive conjugations. Finally free of Genki~ now I need to work out what I want to do next with grammar though. Tobira? Or simply learn through immersion and output? I’ll need to think about it.

I’m on my 11th day of being on Level 42. Seems almost fitting I should finish the year on it, lol. Even though I’d hoped to go faster, but I can’t cope with that, not with my inconsistent schedule, limited time, and lack of motivation.
I’ve decided to change my Tokyo Skytree goal — I’ll now aim for Level 50 by the deadline, which is definitely achievable. Then I’ll steadily progress at a more casual, even slower pace and reach Level 60 before the end of 2022. Or maybe before my two year anniversary? Depends on what my focus will be on then: Japanese, academics, health or even Chinese. Who knows, I’ll see.
Small update on my leeches: 38 in Apprentice, which isn’t too bad considering I haven’t done any leech training.

I will try to do a lot more reading on the trip, with ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂。Then I’ll get back to Kiki once I’m back home.

Made great progress with Physics on Monday, and did nothing for the rest of the week. :grimacing: I really need to start implementing a flexible but steady study schedule, somehow.
Didn’t do anything for Chinese, either. I downloaded a flashcards app but still need to tinker around in it and start using it.

SO, since I'm not going to do much studying at all in the next week, I'm going to review my medium term goals now.

I’m going to say yes to this one. I can hold a simple conversation easily now, though I still struggle with more complicated topics.

Didn’t manage this one. I’m exactly halfway through. However, my speed and stamina in reading has improved pretty considerably, so I’m not considering it too much of a failure either.

I have achieved this! :white_check_mark:

Here’s some more thoughts about my progress in 2021 and my goals for 2022.

And now to update my current goals list in the OP.

Short term:

  • Get back into the practice of reading everyday.
  • Work on that pile in Anki until I can start learning new words again.

Medium term:

  • Level 50 by the Tokyo Skytree deadline.
  • Finish Kiki before the start of February.
  • Pass the N3 JLPT in July 2022 (not fixed; may move to December)

Long-ish term:

  • Reach Level 60 before the end of 2022.
  • Be able to read purely for pleasure. (Also, finish two/three novels before the end of 2022).
  • Be able to have a fluid, comfortable conversation with almost anybody before the end of 2022.

27th of December to the 2nd of January

I arrived home tonight! I guess a holiday without the usual routine and away from home may have been what I needed, because I feel fairly motivated again, and refreshed.

Obviously I didn’t do much studying since it was a holiday, but I did keep up with Wanikani, albeit not doing lessons most days, and used AnkiApp for Chinese every day. I’d downloaded a deck called ‘Chinese sentences and audio, spoon fed.’ It’s basically what the name is — it gives me a sentence with hanzi, no pinyin, with audio, and I can replay the audio as many times as I like. Flipping the card gives me pinyin.
This is perfect for me since I’m only casually learning Chinese at the moment… it’s not tiring but gives me structured exposure to the language. I spend a lot of time on each card — taking in the audio, saying it to myself in my head and making sure I’m pronouncing everything correctly, noting the vocabulary in the sentence and the hanzi. My recognition will improve over time, I’m sure.
This method doesn’t sound efficient but I’m only going to put in low effort — prior background knowledge helps, as tones come easily to me and I don’t need to focus on understanding grammar at all. I may have to create another deck to move vocabulary from recognition to recall, but I won’t change anything for the time being.

Because I didn’t bring a laptop, I only checked leech stats tonight, but turns out my apprentice leeches dropped to 13! I also only had 30~ apprentice items at some point during the week, which is great.

Reading… failed. Read half a page today, but that was it. I’ll do more tonight, especially as I’m partaking in the Winter Reading Challenge now and need to make up for yesterday so I can tick that checkbox. Shh. Not cheating, definitely.

I’m taking a small break on grammar at the moment as I figure out whether I want to go the less efficient immersion route or get another textbook.

This year I definitely want to implement some solid and efficient study habits. A study hour, perhaps, or a vaguely fixed time I focus on a specific subject (cough, physics) as I do for Wanikani. And not just for school… doing as much Japanese study as I can for one hour straight would be a lot more time efficient than my current method of (badly) completing tasks on a checklist throughout the day. That’s what I’ll be working on over the next few weeks.

Aside from that, I also want to get more regular exercise. After all, healthy body means a healthier mind, right? Should fix my sleeping habits too…


Checklist for the 3rd of January – 9th of January

Conjugation practice
Listening (Immersion)
Vocabulary (Anki)
Leech training
Speaking (tutor)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Chinese (vocab)

Tue: Did End of Chapter 1 Questions 40-43. (10 mins)
Wed: Completed End of Chapter 1 Questions 45-49; went through Ch 2.1 & 2.2 and did worked examples 2.2A & 2.2B. (30 mins~)
Thu: Went through Chapter 2.3 and did worked examples 2.3A* & 2.3B. (25 mins~)
Fri: Did worked examples 2.3C and 2.3D, as well as Ch 2.3 Check Your Learning Questions 1–4. Note: Forgot how to do something so went back to Chapter 0.5 and did 0.5E again. (45 mins~)
Sat: Did Ch 2.3 Check Your Learning Questions 5-6; went through the first part of Ch 2.4. Note: I got confused with Q6 so it took me a while. (35 mins~)
Sun: Went through the rest of Ch 2.4; did Worked Example 2.4A. (5-10 mins)

Not Sunday but I feel like reflecting on my 'learning' last term with Physics. Just thinking aloud here.

Looking back, I did really try to revise. But it was due to low motivation, tiredness, and laziness — probably a combination of the three — which meant I didn’t get much reviewing done at all.
For a while after the exam I wasn’t able to look at my efforts to study clearly… I was really disappointed, mostly in myself.

I remember staring at my textbook for ages, in particular copying down a worked example, but my brain wasn’t cooperating. I was like, yeah, I should focus on making sense of this and then practise it myself, that’s how I know I learn, but I couldn’t get in the mode, so I ended up merely copying it down with minimal brain effort.

Now that I’ve got far more free time and no schoolwork with looming deadlines, my mind is clearer and I can work on physics without stress, although it still takes a while for me to ‘build up the courage’ to pick the textbook up and use it. I’m actually learning the content now though. At least I think I am. My brain gets into learning mode with physics, for once.

I’m trying to build better study habits before the new academic year begins. Because I need to, if I want to achieve desired results, and to be more efficient, so I can spend less time on schoolwork and more time on myself, and my health.

So, currently, I’m relearning the content I never managed to grasp fully. It frustrated me, and even though I understood how it worked, I continually got the practice questions wrong. Over and over again.
It’s weird because analysing what I’m learning, it’s so simple, and yet I couldn’t understand it like I can with almost everything else.
But relearning it now I’m alright so far. Just have to find the time to review the content consistently when school starts again. And continue going through the textbook every day.

Just a random note: I’ve been listening to Rivendell music and ambiance whenever I study physics, and only when I’m studying physics. Did I mention I love the Lord of the Rings books, movies, and movie soundtracks? It’s helped me to concentrate so far. Not sure whether I should use it as background music when studying other subjects as well, or keep it for only physics.


This has inspired me to do one of my own logs. Will be getting on it! Have a good new year!


Glad to be of inspiration! I just like having somewhere I can look back on and read how I progressed in my studies. I know you didn’t ask, but consistency is key — if you completely stop doing something, it’s a lot harder to get back on track. Happy studying, and have a great new year too!


3rd of January to the 9th of January

This week was a good one! I think I just needed a big reset, and the week-long holiday as well as the new year gave me that opportunity. Hopefully the habits stick.

I leveled up to 43 on Wanikani! 3 days in, and although I didn’t do any lessons one day I should still finish a lot faster than the last two levels, and be closer to 0/0 at the end of it. Apprentice leeches are at 16 at the moment.

Joining the Winter Reading Challenge and updating every day there has motivated me to actually read each day, which is great. I’ve now set myself a goal of reaching page 200 of Kiki before the end of January. I’m currently on page 142.

I’ve decided to go ahead with Tobira for grammar. I just need to buy it on Amazon and wait for it to be shipped, which will probably take a while. I’ll do that tomorrow.

I still need to work on creating a fairly flexible study routine. Probably set aside one hour for Japanese, and half an hour for Physics. Of course I’ll spend a lot more time studying when school starts again, but this will be it for now.
And speaking of school… it’s been delayed one week, and will be remote learning again :sweat:. I’m just worried it’ll affect how I learn, since we’ll be going through new content in the first weeks, but at least I’ll be able to get more sleep, and move at my own pace more, I guess? There’s pros and cons to online school…

I made consistent progress with physics this week! Actually, the textbook chapters I went through was what I hadn’t been able to learn last term. I feel like going through them and doing the exercises by myself when my brain’s refreshed and without a deadline helped a lot, since I feel a lot more confident with the content now. I’ll keep reviewing it of course, since that sort of stuff seems to stick a lot less than everything else.

I’m somehow already tired and it’s 10pm. Just as well, because my shift starts at 6am tomorrow, lol.


Checklist for the 10th of January – 16th of January

Conjugation practice
Listening (Immersion)
Vocabulary (Anki)
Leech training
Speaking (tutor)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Chinese (vocab)

Mon: Did Worked Examples 2.4B*, 2.4C and 2.4D*. Note: Kind of needed ‘crutches’, so to speak, for 2.4B and 2.4D. (35-40 mins~)
Tue: Did Ch 2.4 Check Your Learning Questions 1–7. (Between 30 mins and 1hr)
Wed: Copied down Chapter 2 summary points and did End of Chapter 2 Questions 1–10a. Note: Am really tired, running on 5 hours sleep from the night before and it’s currently 10:45pm. (30 mins)
Thu: Did End of Chapter 2 Questions 10b–12. Note: Midnight right now. Redid Q11 due to misreading the question. (30 mins)
Sat: Did End of Chapter 2 Questions 13*–18. Note: Will need to ask about Q13. (30 mins)
Sun: Did End of Chapter 2 Questions 19–25. Note: All easy! All using the same formula and same method. (30 mins)


10th of January to the 16th of January

I did pretty well this week too — excluding Friday. Though I still need a lot of work on my time management and my sleep schedule, my motivation isn’t almost completely drained anymore. One major thing I need to consciously pay attention to though, is my putting off the lower-priority tasks that later, come back to bite me in the ass.

Last night I levelled up to 44! I haven’t done lessons for a few days, though… I suppose I’ll begin pacing myself properly now, instead of rushing as fast as I can and then burning out in the later half of the week. Now that I’m aiming for Level 50 by May, the maximum time I can spend on each level to reach the deadline is 18 days, which means I’ll begin working on a consistent schedule of 14 days per level. I’ll have to calculate how many lessons I should do each day, instead of merely winging it, lol.
Although my apprentice leeches rose mid-week, they’re back to 16 now. Not bad at all!

Reading has gone great, honestly, compared to the amount I read these past few months. The reading everyday challenge really does help heaps with my motivation.
I’m not sure whether it’s only this section of Kiki, but the last 20 or so pages I’ve read have been surprisingly easy, which meant I was able to read 10 pages in one session two days ago! Didn’t take me all that long either. I’m now at page 180.

Surprise surprise, I kept procrastinating on actually ordering Tobira, so I haven’t bought it yet :flushed:. I will do it tomorrow. I promise.

Physics isn’t going bad at all! It’s been mostly implemented into my routine now, so I know it’s something I need to do, instead of merely a task I do if I have time. Since I’m early tonight (despite having wasted a few hours today procrastinating) I’ll hopefully complete more End of Chapter questions than usual, since it takes a while to do them and I’m trying to get as much done before school starts again (damn, only eleven days of holiday left?!). Turns out my school isn’t going to be delaying the start date, which is a relief.

Actually though, there were some textbook questions I simply couldn’t figure out, so I’ll need to ask someone for help with those. Good thing is, those seem to be extension questions that most likely won’t appear on a test, although I still want to understand them. For sure the questions in last term’s data test were nothing like those, so I’m safe. Lol.

I’m going to set a tentative goal for next week: set aside a study hour for completely focused study. It would make me so much more efficient, if only I could! So I’ll work on it.


Checklist for the 17th of January – 23rd of January

Conjugation practice
Listening (Immersion)
Vocabulary (Anki)
Leech training
Speaking (tutor)

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Chinese (vocab)
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