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I’ve been meaning to create one for a while now. As of today it has been exactly 11 months since I started learning more Japanese than the hiragana alphabet.

I plan to use this as a place where I can look back and see my progress, log my studies and set goals for the future to work towards.

Progress since the start — timeline of sorts

End of 2017 — Learned the hiragana alphabet.
2019 — Learned how to introduce myself.
Start of 2020 — Memorised katakana.
June 2020 — This is when I started learning Japanese for real. Memorised many key words. Did some grammar and could string sentences together.
July 2020 — Started listening to Let’s Learn Japanese from Small Talk podcast regularly. (could only pick out a few words)
September 2020 — Discovered Wanikani! Also started Genki 2.
October 2020 — Started reading NHK Easy News. As with the podcast, could only understand some parts.
December 2020 — Could write sentences fairly easily. Immersion became part of my everyday study.
January 2021 — Started reading Doggy Detectives Book 2 with the WK book club.
April 2021 — First online tutor session. My speaking skill was almost inexistent. Finished reading Doggy Detectives Book 2. Started 魔女の宅急便。Also began vocabulary memorisation again after a long while.
May 2021 — Started reading からかい上手の高木さん with the WK book club.
July 2021 — Finished からかい上手の高木さん, also began and finished reading the second volume. Passed a mock N4 exam.
August 2021 — Completed more than ten tutor sessions. Could hold a conversation but not on complex topics, and speaking was not all that natural.
September 2021 — WK anniversary! Level 36. Didn’t do any lessons for the whole month to work on leeches.
December 2021 — Reached the halfway point of 魔女の宅急便. Finished Genki. Made it to Level 42 in WK! I can hold a simple conversation easily but still struggle with more complicated topics. Also began 銭天堂.
January 2022 — Chapter 9 in 魔女の宅急便. Began Tobira. Level 45 in WK.
February 2022 — Finished 魔女の宅急便 as my first novel!
April 2022 — Finished 銭天堂 as my second novel! Began and finished 君ノ声, and then started かがみの孤城. Level 50 in WK!
July 2022 — Level 55 in WK! Began Chapter 3 of Tobira.
August 2022 — LEVEL 60 GET!!

The timeline will continue…

What I am doing at the moment
  • Working through Tobira Chapter 3.
  • Reading かがみの孤城.
  • Deciding whether to whittle my giant mound of WK reviews down before abandoning or to just quit.
Future books I want to read

This year

  • Finish かがみの孤城(上)
  • 世界から猫が消えたなら

Next year

  • かがみの孤城(下)
  • コンビニ人間
  • 夜のピクニック
  • 魔女の宅急便(2)?
  • 告白?
Current goals

Short-ish term:

  • Finish かがみの孤城 before November 2022.

Medium term:

  • Pass (or be able to pass) the N3 JLPT in December 2022.
  • Finish four novels before the end of 2022.
  • Finish Tobira before the end of 2022, or earlier if possible.

Long-ish term:

  • Be able to read purely for pleasure.
  • Be able to have a fluid, comfortable conversation with almost anybody (before the end of 2022).

I write updates weekly. Feel free to study with me, post anything or give me tips!


Here’s my current stats:


Reserved post for close watching. Don’t mind me. :eyes: Picks up my binoculars! jiiiiiii


Good luck with your studies! ^>^ <3


I realised I forgot to add my stats, so I’ve done that in the post I reserved.

I was planning to post at the end of the week, but I’ll just write something quickly even though it’s Wednesday.

WaniKani Progress: I’m starting to feel a bit burned out here. I’ve still been doing reviews but not on schedule (I do three sessions a day), and not as many as usual. Also didn’t do any lessons today.
I’ll just plod on for a bit and see if I can get into the rhythm again…

Here’s some things I want to have done before Sunday night:
Finish Genki Ch. 19
Organise / have another tutor session. (Baby steps, lol)

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Still haven’t done either…

Honestly, it’s hard to fit in WK lessons at the moment — the result of many things needed to be done and not-too-good time management. I got my review count down to the usual number at least. Will do as many kanji lessons as possible today, or all of them if I can.

I had some fun talking to Siri last night. I’m still too embarrassed to actually speak Japanese to people, but at least I can practise quickly producing sentences/commands a bit with that.

Reposting what I wanted to do from last week, plus another one:
Finish Genki Ch. 19
Organise / have another tutor session
Catch up on the book club


Makes me remember playing Love Plus and having to say stuff in Japanese to the character I dated. Got me super embarrassed! :blush: :joy: Not my type of game really. Was curious about the fad mostly.


I wish there was a game like that but not for dating :joy: then I would play it!


Totally agree! :eyes: I wonder if there is something though? Love Plus was many years ago. Maybe some gaming company have tried incorporating some kind of AI/voice recognition design into a different type of game? :thinking: It’s worth investigating for sure! (not sure how though ^^; )

Edit There is! Search for “voice controlled” games

For example


Nevermind (mentioned in the second article) sounds super interesting! Lifeline too.

I’ve never played a horror game before, so Nevermind’s caught my attention :eyes:


It’s worth noting that voice control has never really taken off. Beyond as a fun “extra” sort of thing: like in Gyakuten Saiban, when you can choose to shout 異議あり (objection!) and you’re even prompted to at times. But, I suspect that voice control is just hard to implement in a good way as a control mechanism. For just talking to NPC AIs, I’d say it would make more sense than actual character control, but that sounds costly to implement. :sweat_smile: Unless, it’s like a major aspect of the game like in Love Plus.


So I’m not exactly cruising with Wanikani anymore.
My accuracy’s dropped quite a bit after having to go back to vanilla WK on PC (I didn’t abuse it before though… did I?). I’m pretty sure I’ve gained a lot of leeches. My apprentice count used to drop so fast, now I haven’t done any lessons for one to two weeks and it’s still at 93.
I currently have 193 pending lessons, haven’t started the radicals and am at 10 days on this level now.

I really need to go back to three disciplined WK sessions a day again. My review count is 143 at the moment, and keeps going back up to 200~.

To be fair though, next week I have three assessments due, and an exam from Monday to Wednesday. Hurry up and be over already! :joy:

Some positives to motivate myself:

  • I got a lot of listening practice in
  • I read not everyday, but regularly at least
  • I just gotta survive the next two weeks and everything will be fine after that

I haven’t been studying grammar though, what happened to my steady daily habit?!
But I caught up with the からかい上手の高木さん bookclub and am also still slowly working my way through Kiki.
Also, finally organised a tutor session! One step forward!

Some thoughts about my WK speed

I’m a bit torn at the moment. Part of me remembers myself from last year thinking I would not be like everyone else and make WK my main resource! But that’s really become the case now.
So I’ve been wondering whether I should really slow down and do WK more casually. Spend more time on other more practical areas instead.

But then, I’m also participating in the Tokyo Skytree. I would be disappointed in myself if I couldn’t get to Level 60 before the deadline, because from now, I can still make it if I take 12 days per level. That’s plenty of time. Also, I would very much like to only have to spend half an hour on WK from the middle of next year onwards, for a couple of reasons. Focusing on academic studies and some other stuff.

Anyway, I’ll just try to get over this rough patch at the moment. Level 29 will end up being my longest level yet.

30th of May to the 5th of June: Checklist
Finish. Genki. Chapter. 19!


Having reached level 29 is pretty darn good, if you ask me! So even if you’ve slowed down a bit as of late, it’s still amazing that you’ve managed to learn all those kanji and vocab. ^>^




Still, I know I can get to Level 60, I just have to keep going lol. But if I’m not careful I’ll burn out.
Gotta admire all those people who take it slow but don’t lose their motivation!


I write little encouraging messages to myself after I finish one page of my notebook.
They say:
you can do it!
Enjoy the journey!
Let’s learn Japanese little by little

Don’t worry. You also have school to worry about. Wanikani and the skytree will still be there in 2 weeks.


Nice. I can start lessons again!
Only 87 reviews in total coming tomorrow? Even better!
I have 84 apprentice items now.

Ranting yesterday seems to have helped :joy:


31st of May to the 6th of June

This week was quite a good week, despite Monday to Wednesday being the most tiring days I’ve had so far in terms of workload and sleeplessness.

Even though I’ve still barely touched grammar, I did get 25 minutes of conversation practice yesterday! The first tutor session I had with another teacher a month ago, I was disappointed because my speaking sucked, and I sometimes didn’t know what she wanted me to do. I made the most stupid mistakes…
This time though, I really liked the teacher. We talked in Japanese nearly the entire time, with me inserting a few English phrases for things I didn’t know how to say. Still though, progress. She said my pronunciation was good at the end, which I’m happy about. I’m going to start having lessons with her once a week.

Wanikani: My pending lessons are now under 100! I’ve done the radicals on this level as well.
Apprentice count was 70 yesterday, now it’s 131. Oops…

Reading: I’ve fallen behind on the Takagi-san book club, so I’ve slowly been catching up with that. Was going to get into reading Kiki again, but the last two nights I was so tired and didn’t manage to. I’ll read two pages tonight so I can count yesterday as Day 1 for the everyday reading challenge (lol)

I’ll also start making a checklist for each week, like I’ve seen on some other study logs.


Checklist for the 7th – 13th of June

Grammar (Genki 2)
Listening (Immersion)
Vocabulary (Anki)
Speaking (tutor)

Congrats and keep up the good work Ookami san :+1:



7th of June to the 13th of June

All exams and assignments are over now! Time to focus on the fun stuff instead :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have one more exercise of Genki Chapter 19 left to do. Should I do that tonight? :thinking:
My tutor suggested going ahead with the textbook called Marugoto. Never heard of that but I’ll find out what it’s like next week! I still want to finish Genki 2 by myself though, just for the satisfaction of it. It can be additional grammar study for the mock JLPT in July (which I’d half forgotten about lol).

In this week’s tutor session there were more things I didn’t know how to say, so I used more English. I should remember to use そうです / そうですね instead of awkward はいs next week! I’ll also ask her at the end of the lesson what sounded jarring or unnatural, and how I should say it instead.

I need to start learning vocabulary again. I’ll add the Genki Chapter 20 words to Anki in advance tomorrow, and look out for opportunities to do sentence mining. Also, making grammar study part of my daily routine again.

Wanikani: I can finally level up to 30 tomorrow, which is nice. Although as there’s 60 lessons left to do at the moment (didn’t have time to do any on Friday or today), I might just extend that one or two days. Apprentice items are at 99 now.

Reading: Went great the first half of the week, but kind of abandoned Kiki in the second half. I’ll see if I can do three to four pages tonight to make up for that tonight. Takagi-san has been steady though, and I caught up with the book club today!

I did say this in the POLL thread already, but I finished Spirited Away as my first anime last night! I knew it would be good, but it still exceeded my expectations :grin:
Honestly though I don’t want watching anime to become a regular/everyday thing. I’d like to keep it ‘special,’ as movies are for me as well.

I’ll have to prioritise some things over learning Japanese next week, but I think I should start focusing on grammar more for the time being; the (mock) JLPT being less than one month away and all.


Checklist for the 14th – 20th of June

Grammar (Genki 2)
Listening (Immersion)
Vocabulary (Anki)
Speaking (tutor)