Study buddy around lvl 32

Hey guys,

To make my review routine a bit more exciting I thought why not making a little competition out of it.

So if you’re around my level just let me know and I can add you to my leaderboard ^^

Thanks for reading


I’ll join you, will likely be slow for a while during this exam season but will pick up again once I finish them.

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Cool thanks!! Good luck, you got this ^^

@H2O congrats for leveling up👏🏾

Ayyy Gratz on 34 :smiley: @Torao92

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thank you ^^, Lets’s keep pushing forward :grin:

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congrats on lvl 34 ^^

if you want you can add me on discord. maybe it will help motivating each other more :grin:

Aight added ^^

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