Study binge

Day #1
This was over roughly 12 hours.

Books 1 page each.
Harry Potter - You were right. This book was extremely above my level. I started reading English with the Harry Potter series and I am familiar with the story and characters. I might cut it from my day and wait until I have a better grasp of Japanese.

1%絶対かなわない恋- Pre teen romance book. Much better! Closer to my level and easier to read. I can also understand the story. I might switch to this book and cut Harry Potter completely.

Wanikani- It was nice to have time to do all my reviews and I even did 5 lessons.
Kanken- I have a study book I’m following. I’m about halfway. I started in December.

Put on/take off clothes: I’ll have to review this again tomorrow. I’m confused with accessories.
Cure Dolly: 1 video. Got a little lost with the other move and self move rules but understand the general concept.

N5/N4 Book- 1 page of questions in the N5 section. Much easier this time compared to my 2018 notes.

TV- Listened passively to the TV all day.
Music- few songs.
Video- My DVD player doesn’t work so I watched a Samurai video on TV for 10 minutes. Their talking was fast.

Made an introductory video. My speaking was very choppy and it was hard to think of what I wanted to say.
Husband- Talked to him for awhile today. 80% in Japanese.
We’ll do an online nomikai tonight. I’m pretty happy about that.

Numbers- I hate numbers. I really hate numbers. I have 1 to man firgured out. My brain just can’t imagine big numbers. Counting sucks. I’ll have to study it again tomorrow.

Bonus: Ate well, cleaned something, and ran.

Day 1 completed!


Nice work!! I’m a language teacher irl - my students would learn SOO much faster if they all did this much in their target language everyday. I think filming yourself is a great idea, and I agree about replacing HP with the level-appropriate manga. You will learn more if it is closer to your level.

I think after these 10 days you will develop some good language learning habits that you can keep with you for after the holiday :+1:


Snape would TOTALLY say 我輩


I still have this problem… I don’t even understand why, I mean logically it should be easier than the rest of the grammar and language, right? It’s just a bit over 10 words that you combine in a predictable pattern.

But when I hear a year like せんきゅうひゃくはちじゅうろくねん I must repeat it to myself over and over… because when I reach the end I’ve likely forgotten how it started.

It did feel like a small triumph though when I was at a kaitenzushi place and got told how much I had eaten for and managed to actually remember it when I got to the register. (Where they of course already knew, so I didn’t have to remember… but still).

Even my son who was with me at the time said that I always say how bad I am at understanding numbers, but I understood that one :slight_smile:


I am so glad to hear this isn’t just me. I was starting to think I had something wrong with my brain.
Things are better than when I first arrived for sure, but I still often have to pause and really think about it when someone tells me even something that should be simple like a date or the cost of something. I don’t know if it’s some sort of problem with recall, because I can produce the numbers myself no problem…

I guess we just have to thing of each number as its own word ultimately…? aha


Day number 2!

Haha it’s nice to learn I’m not the only one with a counting problem.

Tv: Haikyu, the volleyball anime, was on TV. It’s super extra and completely ridiculous. At first I didn’t like it but since it’s over the top I like it. Sports anime is crazy.

Books: So glad I switched to an easier book. I really enjoyed it.

Kanji: It’s nice to have all this time to do my lessons and reviews when they come up. While working it’s absolutely impossible.

Music: Enka music is great.

Speaking: Just a mess. I tried talking about my neighbourhood. Just keep trying.

I completed everything I wanted to today. Maybe I can do more. Maybe instead of 1 page of something I’ll do 2.


I still have problems with numbers in my native language since school was taught in English. And every language I’ve tried since, numbers have been hard to get used to. It’s like you have to connect the math part of your brain and the vocab part, but that math part sure is stubborn.


Day 3
I completed everything I wanted to.
Reading is my favourite.
I enjoy studying for kanken the least because I don’t know if my answers are correct.


What’re you using to study? Assuming they’re practice books, don’t those usually have the answer key in them somewhere?


Haha thanks. I forgot I had the answers in another book.

Day 4

Oh no today went by so fast and I couldn’t complete everything.

It was a lazy day.
I watched TV for 20 minutes.
Read 1 page.
Watched 1 grammar video.
Played some duolingo. ( I have it just for fun review.)
I tried some JLPT questions but I couldn’t concentrate on it.
Talked with my husband but mostly in English today.
Listened to a lot of music.


So today was a bit of a miss. I like reading so I’ll read one more page and go to bed. Can’t concentrate today.


Day 5 is completed!
Today was really good and I’m excited to study more tomorrow.
What did you study today?

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Tons of Wanikani lessons but nothing else. :sweat_smile::joy: Which means getting up tomorrow, whoops. We all need break days though.

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Day 6/12
I got 2 more days off of work.

I read 4 pages of my book and did several pages in my JLPT textbook.

Speaking gave me some trouble. It’s hard to find the words I want to say.

Please correct my Japanese!


I’m not encumbered by any actual knowledge, so I’m just dumping my versions here to compare against the actual answers later.

uneducated attempts



edit: ok, that was gunk. I saw a -たい suffix explained and realize you were already using that
Still not sure what the けどできない is.

edit: I know I also don’t read every thread, so slightly poking for attention - I’m pretty sure @Belthazar or @Saida would have no problems with these sentences.


Pretty sure it’s “but I can’t.”



Already Day 7?
It’s nice to have all this time to study.

From favourite to least favourite:

Reading novels
Wani Kani
Watching and listening to TV
Jlpt questions
Talking with a native speaker
Grammar lessons with Cure Dolly
Jlpt Grammar
Kanken ( I’m almost done the book)
Making speaking videos ( mmmmm maybe I should quit)

Rate your studying plans. I’m nosey and want to know what you study.

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[pastes URL in “When was your biggest ‘Why are we still here? Just to suffer?’ moment thus far in learning 日本語?” thread]

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I tried to not use too advanced grammar. A tip is to simplify your starting point. Have you studied て-form yet?


If you actually want to become fluent in a language in 10 days, the only language for which this may be genuinely possible is Toki Pona, which is a language that only has 125 words.
If you want to you can learn it here:

Another cool thing worth mentioning is that many hieroglyphic systems can be used with this language, and there are even ways to write Toki Pona using kanji.