Stuck in my learning journey

You’re asking for recommendations to save you from boredom, but it doesn’t look like you mentioned what you are actually looking for. For us to give you recommendations for engaging content, it’s really helpful if you say what kind of content you find engaging in the first place. What do you like? What would you do even in your native language? Read manga? Play visual novels? Watch let’s plays on YouTube? If you’re just doing something to study you’re going to get bored of that too.


This is what all the immersion programs are all about, even though motivation is not the primary reason. Learn some important kanji, frequent vocab and the basics of grammar (up until ~N4) and you’re immersing in native content with decent comprehension in a couple months. Might be painful at first, but getting to a point where e.g. reading よつばと! becomes actually fun doesn’t take a whole lot.
It’s not that these methods aren’t out there, slowing down the time until you get over “the initial hump” is just one of the trade offs people make when going for the structure that WK provides.

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perhaps getting some native materials you enjoy into the mix might spice things up. JapanesePod101 is a great resource but once I could enjoy native materials the time I spent listening to them felt better served watching something else, so I reduced my 3 lessons a day to 1 a day (plus one extra listen for review if I didn’t get it the first time) and called it a day.

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My first goal is to have good conversation level, the same way i have right now. I learned english through playing mmorpg’s.

But i think having a good read would be more beneficial. I guess slice of life etc…

What i like is something like the channel from japanese with misa, where you can see 2 sentences one in english and one in japanese and the nouns, verbs have same color.

Do you want to converse with people? If so incorporating some language exchange into your study might not be a bad idea. Playing mmorpgs in japanese also seems like it could work. I wouldn’t worry about most beneficial and first focus on what you’ll be excited to do and put your best into. If you’re not enjoying yourself you’re probably not gonna get far unless you have hella discipline, yknow.

I do need to say, at a meetup, i did some talking through a organisator. I was actually quite impressed that i could speak japanese, it was like 5% japanese, 95% english.

Do any of you have experience with fluentU?