Struggling with the level 1-5 challenges

Hi there, first time posting so hope I’m not doing anything wrong.

I have just got to level 6, so thought i should try some of the 1-5 challenges on the forum. I can understand what the kanji mean, and essentially make a guess at what it means (I.E あなたのすんでいる町の人口は I pick out town and population, so can take a guess it’s asking for the population of my town) I just dont understand what the hirigana actually means. Is this something I should have picked up already from the first 5 levels or should i be studying otherthings outside of WaniKani.

Many thanks for any help


The idea of those challenges is that any kanji not taught in levels 1-5 will be rendered in kana instead, but you’ll still need to know the grammar and vocabulary from external sources.

For example, すんでいる is a conjugation of 住む, which you’ll learn in level eight. 住んでいる町 = the town in which (you) live.


Ah okay perfect, so I should be studying grammar and vocab somewhere else then. Is there any particular recommendations of the best sites to do that on.

Thanks for the answer

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Check out this post:


I particularly like (Japanese). It’s a paid site (there will probably be a sale in December.), but well worth the price. It includes conversations, writing, grammar, listening, reading, culture, vocabulary, and lots of reinforcement activities. It has three free lessons so you can try it out.

I also like the Japanese from Zero books. They also have a website which includes video lessons to go along with the books, culture, quizzes for each lesson, and games. It’s $99 a year, I think, and also has three free lessons. I love this one, too.

Good luck with your studies.


If you’re really lucky, you may find that your local library can provide a number of otherwise-paid resources for free - for example, the Rocket Languages site dunlewy mentioned above is available through my local. And if they don’t have what you’re after, you can always ask…


That is true! I started my Rocket journey at my library. I had forgotten about that. Thanks, Rowena!


Just what do you think you are doing? This is clearly @Leebo’s role. Don’t you have a crossword to complete?


The crosswords could do with some fresh blood. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, for vocab in particular, you can level up! WK does contain 6000 vocab as advertised, even if it’s not all-inclusive (e.g. 下る isn’t there)

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