Struggling to remember readings

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There is no method that works for everyone, but in general you really shouldn’t really use WK as your primary resource, since it is not designed to teach you Japanese. It is only designed to teach you kanji. In the next few levels, you will notice that sometimes the vocabulary that you are taught is obviously not the most useful, beginner level words, but rather words that can help you remember the kanji that constitute them.

So, it would be great to have other resources that teach you the most useful vocabulary and grammar, and make you practice reading and listening. Luckily, there are a lot of really great resources, so many that it can be even difficult to choose. Still, picking any of them will already be much better than just doing WK, which is supposed to be a supplement (specifically for kanji recognition) and not the primary resource.

Check out The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!, you can certainly find something useful there. Try to choose a couple of resources that will help you build up your vocabulary (starting with the most basic and useful words) and grammar, as well as something for reading and listening practice. Textbooks are good in the sense that they give an all-in-one solution (vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening), so maybe it is a good idea to find one you would gradually progress through. There also are a lot of places (blogs, youtube channels) that give great explanations to things locally. So, if a grammar point is hard to understand, try to google it - you may come up with an explanation that would make things much easier.

With WK as a supplemental and not primary resource, reading kanji will actually become easier for you, since you will be able to learn to read some words as Japanese do. When you already know what the word meaning “quiet” is supposed to sound like in Japanese, it becomes much easier to simply recognise it written (and not memorize what every individual symbol sounds like in this context).

And as for kanji, It is totally ok not to remember things immediately, since SRS is designed to help you gradually learn things by making mistakes and trying again. Making your own mnemonics can help - personally, it is much easier for me to come up with my own association than to remember a random story about Jourm :slightly_smiling_face:.