String and Thread 糸

Considering “string” and “thread” mean the same thing, I think it should be added to the synonyms for 糸.


You can add a user synonym :slight_smile:

糸 is listed as having both meanings on 糸 - so you could e-mail WK about it if you want to see it added officially as a synonym.


Yeah I already did add it as a synonym, but I think it should be officially added. This was my lazy attempt to make that happen. Thread is the only one they have listed, but string comes to my mind much more readily, and I hate getting something incorrect when I gave the right answer.


Every time I fail review with alternative meaning that I find on jisho, or in context sentences, or in related vocabulary, I email with polite suggestion email. And they act on it! For example, on March 13 they added “to focus” to 集中する - I pointed out that their own context sentence used verb “to focus” while the only accepted meaning at the time was “to concentrate”.

My latest email was about accepting “victory” for kanji “Win”, will see how it goes.
It takes me the same time to write email as to create a topic on WK forums.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll add it to a list of items we’re reviewing. Could be added in the future or kept as is :+1:


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