Street fighter II snes

Hello everyone! I loved playing street fighter for snes growing up. I’ve always been curious to know what the classic sayings that most characters have actually mean. I have searched on google but when I search stuff like “street fighter snes moves meanings” usually I only find
Shoryuken( 昇龍拳 ) or hadouken.

Does anyone know of a website that has the Japanese meaning of each of the moves for street fighter for the snes? Or if anyone happens to know what they are please post it here : )

And if you could, please dissect the kanji that conforms it. Thanks!! :blush:


This wiki page seems like it has the Japanese names and meanings at the top of the linked pages for moves:

If instead you just want the kanji to try to translate yourself, you can also google “ストリートファイターII 説明書” to find the Japanese manual


There’s no images for the moves, only the inputs are shown so you’ll have to imagine which is which.

There’s also this video I watched a while ago, you might find it interesting :slight_smile: