Strategy for catching up on reviews

I have had a few long absences from WaniKani, and I recently did a reset from 20 down to 15 and am back up to nearly 20 again. I don’t regret it, but I also don’t think it was really necessary now that I’ve done it and gotten back up to nearly where I was again. Kumirei’s approach of sorting reviews by level has helped a lot in the past. I would just focus on one level at a time, and only do reviews for that level until they get to Guru or something along those lines. It’s sort of mimicking a reset without fully committing to one. :laughing: Plus you can always un-burn things that you feel like you burned unintentionally.

The main thing with the reset is that it’s kind of a bummer to lose the forward progress, so it probably depends on your personality if this will bother you or not.

One thing that’s also helped A LOT this time around now that I’m back to consistently doing reviews is using the Self Study script to review old items that are getting stuck in Guru or Apprentice. In the past, I had a lot of leeches or items that would go back and forth between those categories, so now I have a few self study lists for Apprentice Items under {my current level minus 1 or 2}, for example. That helps prevent them from piling up. Anyways good luck with whatever you decide to do!!