Strange schedule for releasing lessons

I’m level 5 and when I checked my wkstats I was surprised to see I still had 4 days left until 6. My review schedule showed 80-ish reviews for the next morning so I assumed that would tip me over to 90% guru.

This morning after my review I see more lessons, but only about 46. My level 5 is extended 3 days just for 46 lessons :frowning:

My question is why weren’t these extra lessons lumped in earlier and the decision be mine regarding how to pace them?

You probably got Apprentice 4 kanji wrong, I believe. This leads it to drop to Apprentice 3 (+1d) and then Apprentice 4 (+2d), leading you to an extra 3d in the same level.

I’m also assuming these lessons are vocab, correct? This vocab gets unlocked the moment you have their respective kanji guru’d.

In other words, I think you guru’d a couple of kanji from your current level, but not enough to level up (90%). Still, you got to unlock vocab lessons from those kanji that you did indeed guru.


when you level up, you learn the lion share of the kanji made possible by the last level’s radicals. you also get some new radicals, and the vocab for the latter-half-kanji from the old level.

to level up, you need 90% of all possible kanji this level - means, the ones you got on levelup, and the new ones that unlock when your current radicals are guru’d.
when they are guru’d, you’ll get a handful of later-half-kanji and the cycle begins anew.

vocab unlocks whenever all required kanji it contains are guru, but they’re irrelevant for your levelups. they’re important for a different reason: they reinforce the kanji, and they teach you new readings for them.

lvl 5 kanji and vocab, and lvl 6 radicals.
then lvl 6 kanji and vocab. (requires radicals guru’d)
then lvlup. (requires lvl 5 and 6 kanji guru’d)

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