Strange jimaku mark

Can anyone explain these strange up and down arrows above the subtitles? I asked some Japanese but they had no clue. Bonus points for getting the movie Good Will Hunting.

If it’s something other than the kind of meaning that dots usually have for emphasis, sarcasm, etc, then I don’t know.

Given the context, it seems like the same kind of thing as having dots there. But maybe there’s something more specific related to arrows.

Did you notice the name of the movie was in the screenshot >_>


Thanks Leebo, could it be something to do with that its emphasising a slang interpretation rather than the literal one. In this example, of course it’s slang for a BJ, but its regular meaning is a bamboo flute (blown at the end, rather than the side like a regular flute) aka shakuhacchi

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yeah right after I posted it lool - EDITED

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