Stop being "punished" for not doing a review on time

No, I agree. But more repetition always makes for better memorization. I just prefer to err on the side of caution, because there’s a reason a lot of people resurrect items they’ve already burned. :slight_smile:

Not necessarily. A steel cable is still working right up to the moment it breaks. What’s important is how close it is to breaking. That’s what I meant about “you may not sense how weak it is”. Again, I err on the side of reinforcing.


Thanks for the clarification, I see how what I’ve proposed can encourage that, but then that raises the question whether the disadvantages outweigh the advantages where the main advantage being a much more flexible review system. Because if you have poor synaptic strength to the item, shouldn’t the probability of the “steel cable breaking” increase as the intervals between reviews do? And if it somehow gets all the way to burned while still having poor synaptic strength to the item, then what does having a poor synaptic strength actually mean?

If you’re not bothered enough to do your reviews every day, why blame the system?

Yes, some people abandon WK for an extended period of time because of other priorities, but that*s entirely your choice. You’re busy with having a new baby, final exams, illness, family emergency, etc. It can happen to any of us, I’m not blaming you. Heck, it happened to me. But at the end of the day, you’re the one who decided (consciously or unconsciously) to not do your reviews.

The system works well as it is. It’s not supposed to be tweaked and modified to accommodate every user’s whim and preference.

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So you’ve never guessed between “this” or “that” if you weren’t certain of something 100%, but 80+% or, 100% sure it was one of those, but not sure which one?
If you’re not 100% sure, do you just type ううううううう intentionally or something to get it wrong?

Yes, riccyjay was correct in his response to you (towards the top of the thread), as that was exactly what I meant.

EDIT: I see that you’ve already answered that, as riccyjay asked pretty much the same thing to the same post of yours… and that you do put something wrong in. Really surprised you manage that 100% of the time though. (I do do that myself on occasion, when I’m 100% sure I don’t know it, which usually tends to happen on the first 4 hour review only, and only for the odd kanji.)

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There are a good handful of vocabulary words that frequently confuse me and I know I tend to get them because of luck only, so I fully plan to unburn ones that I mix up at the same time (so I have to relearn them together and have the differences pounded in and/or made more clear) — this being for situations where 2 or 3 vocabulary words are similar ish or based on the same kanji or meaning and I get the reading mixed up, or screw up whether it’s transitive or intransitive in the meaning.

I mean, it’s not always a choice, really. Not even a subconscious/unconscious choice.
When I was hospitalized, I had zero access to internet. If I had the choice, I absolutely would’ve kept up with my WK reviews and lessons. Then again, I didn’t feel punished, I just said so in my little progress-post and basically said “that’s too bad. Oh well, next time!” kinda thing.
Because life DOES happen. To everyone. Those bad things and hard things and obstacles. Those things where you have to make a choice. Those things where it isn’t really a choice because it has to be realistic and uncoerced, and times when it isn’t at all a choice. I’ve experienced these - at least twice with hospitalizations, one was a month long! I could’ve leveled up about 3 times!

But I trust the SRS system, and I really want to learn Kanji and vocab (and yeah, radicals, too), and to learn them right and learn them well.
So I just have to keep moving forward.

That’s meant taking long vacation (mode)s. That’s meant resetting my level from 30 to 20. That’s meant scanning through levels 1 - 19 and resurrecting all of the burnt items that I didn’t within a reasonable amount of time remember the meaning and reading for. (I still need to do that for vocabulary, but still).
It’s meant slowing down and setting back my WK by choice so I can do things right.

Idk, that’s just how I feel about this, and honestly this was only half-ish in response to OP and half-ish to plantron because something about their wording bothered me, I guess. /rant-y ramble-y thing

I deliberately enter things wrong rather than guess, 100%. I do this because guessing risks getting the wrong things stuck in my head, but entering “n” is quick and lets me immediately associate what I’m seeing/focusing on with the correct answer. I’d rather delay levelling up and know that I know things than guess my way and always be double-guessing myself in later lessons/vocab.

Oh yeah, I’ve already unburned a few things myself. Definitely did 少, because it means FEW and only FEW in amounts, not LITTLE like 小…
I do that too if I’m not right enough with the meaning.

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I mean I do that too if I know I don’t know it at all just to get past it and look at the answers for next time. But… that doesn’t mean I never guess one of the common readings so it still doesn’t negate @riccyjay’s point. I’m with most of y’all, it doesn’t make sense to change the system so you can sort of “cheat” like this. One of the things I like about WaniKani is that you can’t get away with not really learning the stuff and hitting whatever x number of attempts you have to get correct to burn. If it’s really bothers someone enough that they think they’re being “punished” maybe they should just pull an extra 5 minutes out of their day to do a few more reviews more frequently :stuck_out_tongue:

By this logic someone who attends one day of grade one and then falls into coma and wakes up 20+ years later should automatically get a PhD.

The actual analogy would be someone is exposed to all of the material taught in grade 1, disappears for 20 years then returns and is able to recall everything and graduates from grade 1.

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Yeah, THAT’s gonna happen.

This isn’t even close to what I was saying, so please at least have the decency to read what I said before criticizing what you think of my idea.


So do you not use userscripts at all? Because that’s exactly what people use them for

I also input gibberish if I have zero idea what it is. Accidentally getting it right won’t help me. My overall percentage is just under 98%, and I don’t use the ignore script for typos, etc.

So there’s something I didn’t realise until later on with making a typo on the readings…

In your native language, you’ll know instinctively (most of the time) when you’ve hit the wrong key and also you’re able to check with a quick glance if it’s correct or not.

You don’t have those skills at first when you learn to type kana so maybe you should thank WK for teaching you those skills whenever you typo a reading, don’t realise and then enter it.

Oh, I get a lot by luck. Is it ta or da? Dunno, guess. woohoo! good guess! Actually harms me because then I don’t see that new word again for days and days.

In fact this is my issue with this system right now. I don’t think they give enough items to review each time when in apprentice and guru. I just got some things to review I don’t think I’ve seen in over a week. If you get one thing wrong because of a typo you see it every day for days (I stupidly was going too fast and read ‘ten days’ instead of ‘October’ and I see it every review session it seems like! Yes, I knew it was October that first time as soon as I hit enter!) but if I take a lucky guess and get something right, I never see it again for many many day even though I really need review on it. I don’t see why I can’t get double the brand new items to review.

This feature is the main reason I hate Anki. I even consider creating a fork for myself with this feature removed. The justification for this feature is well explained in their FAQ, but I don’t agree because in practice it messes up with me a lot and never helps. Because of this feature I feel super stressed to finish all Anki reviews every day no matter what the life circumstances are, while with WK I am feeling relieved from this kind of pressure.

The idea that “if you just unlocked a new card, then went away for a month, and still remember it, then the card doesn’t need to be reviewed again soon” is flawed because it only works in ideal world where this SRS system is the only source of exposure. If I unlock a new card, don’t review it for a month and then answer it correctly, in 99.9% cases it doesn’t mean that I know this word well, but that I just encountered this word somewhere else. And in a few hours/days I’ll surely forget it.

I’m really-really glad that in WK, unlike Anki, this doesn’t increase word’s SRS interval.