Stop and smell the flowers level 60 celebration

I considered not writing a celebration thread at all- I started in Wanikani 2016, and I just made it to level 60 now. But here goes.

I took it slow for many reasons. I have kids. I have a job. I’m doing this as a hobby- an attempt to resuscitate the Japanese I studied in college and learned when I lived in Japan in my 20’s. At one point (level ~30), I realized that 1) my kanji reading ability was rapidly returning but everything else wasn’t and 2) Wanikani was taking over my free time.

So- I hired a home tutor to work on spoken Japanese and polish up my grammar. I decided to take the JLPT exams to give myself a sense of accomplishment beyond my Wanijani level. And I realized I should engage with the fun parts of Japanese culture too and involve my family- not just cram kanji on my own in a dark corner.

And here’s the thing- that new strategy took the pressure off and it’s been fun. I’ve watched a lot of anime with my kids (the entire Naruto series!!), I’ve read books and news, I’ve been grabbing every opportunity to speak Japanese, and I now regularly go to Japanese grocery stores and book stores with my family.

My reading and listening comprehension are now better than when I was living in Japan, and I think it’s mainly due to Wanikani- learning kanji/words first in Wanikani, but then hearing them, seeing them, understanding them and hopefully, eventually, being able to use them correctly myself. That last one is the real challenge for me. 私は漢字より言葉づかいが難しい…

Anyway- here’s to keeping going in an enjoyable, sustainable way. And a huge thank you to Wanikani- I am so much more literate. I wish this had existed when I lived in Japan!

Have fun out there, and stop and smell the flowers!


This is one of the loveliest level 60 celebrations I’ve seen! It’s so inspiring to see how you integrated wanikani into a comprehensive Japanese learning routine, and all of that into a busy life.
WOW!!! congrats!!! :cherry_blossom:
I’ll join in your toast to keeping going in an enjoyable, sustainable way!


Great job getting to that final level!



What a lovely level 60 post!

Congrats on making it to 60 and pushing through after many years but more importantly congrats on stopping and smelling the flowers as you say! It’s good to remember what this is all about after all.

All the best on your post-WaniKani language adventures!


Congratulations. I was just sitting here having a panic attack about the state of the world and you made me feel a bit better.
Well done on getting to the top!



I’m in a similar boat. Studied and lived in Japan during and after college in my early twenties only to forget it all. After getting hired for a job that works in the region I figured it best to start from the beginning and reset my WaniKani progress to level 1.

As someone who has also been removed from the language for so long (now has a wife and kids to contend with) its inspiring to see another work their way back up.

You’re absolutely right: target fixation in language learning is a huge issue. Putting the end goal above all others — whether it’s N1, Level 60, or the works — often takes away from the journey. In the end, isn’t the journey what we’re all here for?

Slow down, live in the moment. You said it best: Stop and smell the flowers.


Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:


Amazing celebration thread…

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