Still on Lesson 4 after nearly a month!

Chill out. This is uncalled for.

You don’t need to guru vocab items to level up, so you’re good to go. As someone mentioned, it looks like you leveled up, so congrats! Keep in mind that the process is to unlock items when you know all their components. So you unlock some kanji right away (because you know their radicals from previous levels) and others you won’t unlock until you guru their radicals from the same level. That’s why each level (except for some levels much later) is essentially in two parts.

Many people use the reorder script or my Lesson Filter script so they can do a mix of radicals, kanji, and vocab during lessons and/or learn items critical for leveling up first and spread the rest out for a more balanced workload. Some people also use it to help keep a steady level up pace, regardless of whether it’s a fast or slow pace.