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I can try to do that with ノラガミ, and we can see how it goes.
I guess you have my email address from me signing up on floflo?


I sent you an email. Thanks a lot :heart:


For everyone’s entertainment, here’s the first really badly misparsed word (beside names):
豊葦原の中津国 (lit.) the middle country of reed beds; (Japanese mythology) world between Takamagahara (Heaven) and Yomi (Hell) とよあしはらのなかつくに
(Was parsed as three different words)

I’m learning things, yay


Are you perhaps unaware of subscription services like Crunchyroll? You can watch lots of seasonal anime legally on your laptop for a small monthly fee.


psst, Nath is in Japan…


As @Radish8 said, no crunchyroll for me.


Doesn’t Amazon Prime have some anime in Japan?


Indeed, but I’m not sure they would have episodes just after they air. (But maybe I’m wrong, it’s hardly prime if you have to wait I guess).
I’ll have a look. That being said, I noticed Tsutaya just got megalobox, so it’s not a crazy amount of wait anyway (I just can’t really check wordlists as they are released if they follow the airing of an episode)


Small update

7/13 Beta Fixes:

  • Meaning/reading notes text areas now allow new lines
  • Meaning notes save properly
  • Details box in the SRS is now full size


Warning: You don’t need to know the answers to all my questions below. I’m just asking. “I don’t know yet” is okay :v:


My dreams tell me that perfection would look like first-order-of-appearance sorting + tag/field mentioning frequency (like a scale for frequency). Spitting by episode isn’t needed, but it could also be a field/tag of the card itself. Example sentences extracted from JP/EN subs? Maybee? :heart_eyes: Idk if there are even tags/fields on FloFlo’s cards. To be honest, I haven’t used it lately to check how things look like xD

I know I’m asking too much xD But I feel like saying anything that’s important to me and then see what you’re able to offer from that :slight_smile:

If I need anything from your service, I’m 100% into $5/month. $10 makes me think twice (I’m in one of those moments where every cent counts). If I like what you offer, I’ll go for it :slight_smile:

Also, since anime is seasonal, how would it work? Would you give the file for the eps that were released that month? Would you release it at the end of the season?


I obviously cannot answer those questions myself but

There’s one for remembering which word list you added the word from. (It’s not visible, but can be interacted with through the “filter lessons by series” option.

Also, there’s already an UI thing to indicate words that are ambiguous (i.e. many conflicting definitions and floflo cannot tell you which one is good). (That being said, it would be intrusive to have that on every card, so maybe a less obvious tag? Maybe in small below the word itself…)


Yeah that shouldn’t be too hard. Frequency already exists and so does order by appearance. I’d have to think of a system for putting in episodes as a field but that’s definitely doable.

Getting jailed. :heart_eyes: Maybe, I don’t know if I’m allowed to distribute that kind of stuff. Doing that from stuff I ripped from Kitsunekko is probably fine but I’m also planning to try ripping straight from Netflix, so I’d have to see their fine print.

Yeah there are, although I suspect most wouldn’t matter for an anime list export.

100% agree. $10 is more of a support tier than a reward tier. Wanikani ain’t even $10.

I’d probably update the lists once a week, assuming I can get stuff from Netflix directly. Otherwise I’d have to wait for Kitsunekko to do something and they’re kind of random.


Sorry for the late response but if you’re in Japan I’d highly recommend a free Chrome/Firefox extension called Crunchyroll Unblocker. It lets you watch anime from Crunchyroll’s US catalogue regardless of where you are located. It works by automatically giving you an American Session ID whenever you visit Crunchyroll, so it’s very easy to use.


Oh, nice. I’ll have a look!


Hello! I hope someone can help me… I’m probably dumb but it’s taking awhile for me to get the hang of the site and I’m probably missing something.
I’m trying to read Obaa-san to Kuro Neko and I noticed some of the words are missing in the vocab list, such as 世間 and 不自由. Is there anyway I can add them myself, or do they appear later somewhere? Is there anyway I can search within the list of all vocab?

Not sure if I’m making any sense, but thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Have you tried adjusting frequency setting?


If they’re not appearing in the list, then either FloFlo ‘thinks’ you already know them because of your WK level (I believe 不自由 is a level 9 word…) or because you’ve learnt them in another book or something, or because it has mis-parsed the text (it doesn’t promise to be 100% perfect!). It always appears in order, so they won’t appear later on in the list.

You can absolutely add the words yourself - if you go to the ‘lessons’ page, you should see that there’s a search bar beneath the table. You can search for words here and there will be an option to add them to your lesson queue.

I read Obaa-san and definitely had 世間 appear for me though :thinking: have you checked your frequency setting? dangit, leebo’d!


Oh thanks guys :slight_smile: Setting the frequency to 1 brought up 世間.


Update 7/16

New Titles:

Early-intermediate Voting on Patreon (Tsubasa Bunko, etc.) (Books hovering around 5k)

  • Uchiage Hanabi
  • Kimi no Na wa
  • The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
  • Ginga Testsudou no Yoru


What does “inflated” mean?