[STATS] Statistics site

“For now”, it’s essentially not being updated. Despite plans to the contrary, my free time keeps getting taken up by all sorts of things. I keep saying I have some time coming up shortly, but “life happens”. Last week, I thought I’d have this whole week free. Now, it’s looking like I may have some time Friday afternoon or Saturday.

tl;dr… I haven’t forgotten about it, nor given up. One day, hopefully soon, people will wake up to discover that the projections page is back again!


It’s kind of funny at this point akkolul Take your time


Is there any way in which I could export my Wanikani learning progress from WKStats? Something like a JSON with the item, SRS status, etc.

I am working my way through a Core 10K deck and would like to remove the words that I’ve already learned from Wanikani. Actually, the deck I am using is meant to have the WK words removed already, but since I found it in a thread from a few years ago I guess many new words have been added to WK since then.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Wouldn’t you be able to use the WaniKani API directly instead of going through WKStats, which uses WaniKani’s API behind the scenes? The WK API can return everything you asked for, and responds using JSON by default, which should be exactly what you’re looking for.

You can find information on the API here:

The assignment endpoint can give you your current SRS stage for all items, the subject endpoint can give you the actual text, readings and meanings for any item. Those two combined should have all the information you need. :grin:

Thank you! With this statistics, I can focus on my weaknesses!

Thank you for your response and advice!
Yep, I could use the API but I was hoping that someone had already implemented a tool which could dump my progress. I’ll take a look at the docs when I have time!

Is the Stats site broken, I use it to get my daily results, but can’t seem to get it to work when filtering out the day any more it was working last week. ???

Filtering days out of the average is still working fine for me and, as far as I’m aware, no updates have been made to the site. Are you using a different browser? Have you tried clearing your cache?

Can we get an API Independent blank chart for all 60 levels of WaniKani? I find this website very useful for a quick revision or to just check a reading since all you need to do is hover over a kanji and we can see all of its readings. I plan to continue learning Japanese from this site but without its SRS so id like to be able to see the chart for every level. (I hope this is okay since technically all information is already available for free on WK and the only thing we pay for is the SRS and this is just a QOL upgrade to the already available information)

The Item Inspector script will let you export all items sorted by level to a csv file suitable for a spreadsheet. Then you may refer to this information without relying on the API.