[STATS] Statistics site



Just for curiosity’s sake, here’s a screenshot of both the old and new Stats sites.

New (v2)

Also, I miss the haiku and Crabigator to get the API key. XD


@rfindley I received an error on the regular (old) version of the site. This function failed to add the item “feeling,” which is a level 19 item at index 19, however the size of the “out” array is only 18, which matches my current level.

The exception thrown stops the page load, which freezes like so:

Hope this helps!

EDIT: Oh, I also reset down from 19 a little while ago, which if I had to guess, is why it’s trying to pull a level 19 item for me.


Yeah, that would explain it. The old (current) version doesn’t handle resets. I’d recommend trying to clear localStorage, then refresh. In the Javascript console:


No guarantees that it will work, though.


That works, but the logout button works to resolve the issue as well.


my data is all messed up.
after a 3 year break, i reset back to 20, from 24 and went at a steady pace of roughly 8 days since then. you can see what wkstats is showing though - i don’t even know where it pulls those numbers. i can tell 100% that i didn’t take 12 days for my last level - that was just under 8 days.

is there a way to fix this? force refresh didn’t help.


This is probably just to tickle my ego but I think it would just boost my motivation and self esteem to be able to compare my progress speed/accuracy with the average user. Is there a way to aggregate statistics of all users and compare them? Even just users who have entered their key into wkstats?


Try the beta version that uses APIv2.



thank you, will do :slight_smile:


Currently, the server doesn’t actually retain any data except api keys. All of the stats you see while visiting the site are fetched by your browser, and stored in your browser cache.

I could generate aggregate data, but it would require more time than I can afford at the moment. I still need to finish the new version of the site, which transitions to Wanikani’s API version 2.


Will there be more statistic from the API v2? Do you have it on a branch somewhere in github or gitlab? Anyway I can help? When is the v1 deprecated?

Sorry for the many questions :smile:

Edit: I’m a dumb ass for not reading the previous posts.


It’s up to Wanikani as to when they want to deprecate v1. Their original plan was to shut it down about 4 months after v2 becomes official, which it hasn’t yet. I know they’re still making small changes here and there.

v2 does provide more data that can be used for interesting stats. There’s more i’d like to add, but it’s really going to depend on my work schedule.

I don’t have the wkstats source on github, at least partly because the structure is likely to change extensively as I finish the last (and most complex) piece of the site. I’ll make it available eventually.


Fair enough. Consider it a long term unimportant feature request then :stuck_out_tongue: love your work.


it’s perfectly fine on the api2 site @rfindley


Start time/time on level

Hello, I was away from Wanikani for a while, and came back about a week ago. I reset all my progress back to level one in order to start fresh. But I notice that it’s still tracking progress from June of last year, and the number of days listed on the current level is far from accurate, listing 507 days on the current level. I tried forced refresh and applying new API keys, but to no avail. Anything else I can try to fix the time tracking? Thanks!


Although it’s not finished yet, you can use the upcoming new version of the wkstats site: https://www.wkstats.com:10001/

It understands resets.


I’ve reset my progress a while ago, from something like level 6 to 1. I’m now again at level 6 and wanted to check my stats, but it seems like wkstats didn’t notice I’ve reset my account.

Nevermind, I somehow missed the newer version. Works wonders there!


You are my hero :heart:


Is there any chance to change the start date for my account? I joined the website on 15-May-2018, but I didn’t really start studying the lessons until around September-2018. So I’m not sure if my statistics are correct, considering I was idle for over 3 months after I joined. Thanks


No, there’s currently no way to change your start date. But you can click on Level 1 on the Level Duration chart to exclude it from calculations.

Also, although it’s not complete yet, check out the upcoming version of the site at https://www.wkstats.com:10001/

The new version calculates some things differently (thanks to more and better data from Wanikani), so sometimes that makes a difference

I haven’t finished the Projections section yet, so you still need the original site for that.


@rfindley Hey, not sure if it’s related to the recent update, but the new site no longer loads WK items for me. It looks like malformed data from WK, perhaps because things were shuffled between levels?

^ The bug + the error + some debugging stuff

It looks like the character_images array for some moved item(s) is blank, causing a malformed request to get an image for that character.

Thanks for the site! It’s awesome and motivating.

Edit: Looks like that actually might be a new radical: 永 . And all of the character images have legacy in the url (e.g. https://cdn.wanikani.com/images/legacy/571-subject-25-without-css-original.svg?1520987225 ), so perhaps it’s just that the character_images array has been deprecated for new items?