[STATS] Statistics site


Same here. Not sure what’s going on but it’s definitely not chrome at fault


I’m sorry if I don’t follow you correctly. I interpret your sentence as : “Share my wkstats”.

This one is not Opera. It’s Safari.

In case you want my full stats.

I hope the last two screenshots are still clear. I resized them. They were both more than 3MB.

@omukai @RysingDragon Since you both mentioned Chrome. I just tried wkstats with uBlockOrigin running on my Chrome. Right. I’ve never had problems with wkstats on Chrome either.

I wonder … Is it because I once tried opening my another WK account on Opera and then accessed wkstats? So I didn’t login and logout properly? Well Idk. It’s just a guess though. Because I’ve never accessed wkstats with my 2nd account like that on my other browsers (Safari and Chrome).


Damn, Daniel!


Remove the www. from your whitelist entry there


I’ve occasionally had issues where, upon finishing one level, it would give me an incorrect short time for the one I just finished and add that time to the next level. Usually this went away pretty quickly or after some lessons on the next level.

This time however, it’s been numerous days and it’s still saying my previous level was 5 days. I don’t remember the exact time but reality was closer to 10, so this should be like 10 and 5 not 5 and 10.


Is it because there are no radicals on my current level? It did seem like radical lessons tended to correct the times. Tho I thought I’d had some no-radical levels before this.


I tried that but it didn’t work. Still 404 error.


I had this same problem a couple of months back, the

thing didn’t work for me, but when I hovered over this

it came up as ‘Clear Console’ so I clicked it and voila, the Stats site worked for me again.


Clearing a console shouldn’t fix stuff like that, that’s super strange… :thinking:


Sometimes doing a Force Refresh from the site’s user menu helps fix that problem. But yeah, things get quirky on the upper levels due to lack of info on APIv1.

You can also check out the upcoming version of the site at https://www.wkstats.com:10001


Tried Force Refresh a few times over the last few days, but no luck. Took a look at the new site but maybe it’s being worked on right now, the login button isn’t working (I get a wkof.Apiv2 is undefined in console)

No big deal though, I assume it’ll clean up as I progress and I’m almost done anyway. I’ll check back on the new site later. Thanks.


Interesting… Sounds like either something is being blocked, or indexedDb is disabled by your browser’s privacy options.


Hi @rfindley

Just noticed this this morning for the first time on the new stats site…

Cdn.wanikani.com and CORS

what’s the new stats site?


Wow. Just checked. Same here. Mine too.

Empty blue and orange holes on the new site. The old site is okay.

I love the new reading chart though :blush: No wonder it’s getting easier to read those reading sites for me. Thanks @rfindley

Just like @rfindley had said. It’s https://www.wkstats.com:10001


19%20PM 27%20PM
Old site: I’ll level up in 86 days
New site: I’ll level up in 4 days


Finally had some time to take a look at this. It’s fixed now. You’ll need to open the Javascript console and:


…then refresh. I didn’t have enough time to re-version everything, which is what normally bypasses cache problems.


@rfindley i love your page so much.
not only for it’s statistics, which can boost motivation a lot, but also for it’s display filters.

after returning from a long hiatus, i did my reviews, in turbo-mode. what i couldn’t remember would fail.
i burned 2/3, reset 4 levels, then tried to sort out the failed items. went to wkstats and picked out the shaky ones from the list filtered to only show guru.

now i got a 36 card drill deck on Quizlet, while working out all these stubborn ones via mnemonic.
being able to go directly to WK and that kanji’s page, i’d go through all those mnemonics, similars and vocabulary associated, and it’s been a breeze.

thank you very much.

apart from being liked in general for all your QoL feature scripts, you’re now officially a savior of sanity



This website is the best thing ever!

I always found it useful but now it’s a life-saver!
I recently I got to the “short” levels and I’m up to my neck in reviews, lessons and everything… I manage to get to 0 lessons/reviews and a few hours later it’s back to 150 or something XD
I’m going on holiday in a week and I will slow down or turn on vacation mode, but I’d like to learn a few very common kanjis that are in the uppermost levels, so I think I’ll just check which are the most common and learn them on my own…

But, again, this site is so so awesome, thank you!!! :smile::smile:


Funny you say that, but I believe I checked that on either a work computer (which has not been on the stats site before, and barely WK) or on my new phone (which I’ve only had since October 8th or 7th).

… Either way, fairly clean slate on my end.



Well, either way, on this work computer it appears to be fixed without going into the JS console. 400-something days on level 16… That seems accurate… ^_^;;;

EDIT: Nevermind, I was looking at V1 API on the old site. I’ll have to search the thread when I’m not at work to try it with V2 on the new site again, later. Possibly/probably tomorrow. Or right now.