[STATS] Statistics site

I use it on my tablet exclusively and don’t find it slow at all. Even the initial “loading API” isn’t particularly bad.

And thank you once again for creating and maintaining it. I find it extremely useful for gaining a better sense of how well things are going and where the problem areas are.

Do you use the ‘Items’ tab? That’s the part that’s slow for me (about 4 or 5 seconds for the page to render, and sort of painful to scroll). Of course, it also gets worse the higher level you are, since there are more items to render.

I use the Items tab far more than the others. I look at Progress when I level up and sometimes look at Charts if I want to feel encouraged that my WK progress actually means something in the real world. :grin:

Especially now that I’ve been burning (or not, sigh…), Items lets me see how well or poorly I’m doing overall, enabling me to spot troublesome items for special attention.

As far as speed goes, it takes less than 5 seconds to load the site usually, though sometimes up to half a minute, though I think that’s only when I’ve changed levels. Going between tabs just takes a moment, whether going between Item tabs or between Items and Progress/Charts. Scrolling doesn’t produce any delays or graphic glitches. It may help that I’m using an NVIDIA tablet, since they optimized for graphics.

as-is (but with spaces) should be OK. Or with “;” or “\n” instead of “space” it would help me with this kind of thing:-

I don’t make do with colors, though. I just mainly plan to use this with Anki (by using a Python script to further convert the text file.)

Is there a way to see the numbers? Like in the item tab, wanikani if we click the SRS category to show…say only guru…can we get a number showing the total number of guru kanji for example?

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This is implemented for ALL item sections (i.e. radicals, kanji, vocab, jlpt, joyo, freq).
I figure consistency should simplify things.

Sample output:

Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
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すごい! So it can be done after all. And works simply right out of the box.

re: items tab…


If you hide an SRS category on an Items sub-tab, your selection will carry over to all the other sub-tabs.
It also saves your settings, so the next time you visit the site, it will be the same as you left it last time.

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All tabs now have a count per level (or grade), so you can see either the number of selected or learned items.

The count has two modes:

  • If one or more SRS categories are hidden, it counts number of items SHOWN.
    Example: (5 / 72 shown)
  • If none of the SRS categories are hidden, it counts the number of items LEARNED.
    Example: (60 / 72 learned)

‘Learned’ mode preserves the way the count worked previously, so you can still view all items while showing a count of only the learned items.


Any time I make a change to the site, I test the changes using the apikey of the person requesting the change. But for some reason, I don’t have your apikey. Do you change your key after each visit to the site? I don’t care if you do… I just want to make sure I don’t have a bug or something. :sweat_smile:

I have never changed my apikey.

Hmm… interesting. I’m guessing you have a plugin that’s blocking the JSON request back to the server, though I can’t think why it would.

Are you familiar with the Network tab in the Safari developer tools? If so, and you don’t mind looking, I would be interested to know if it shows an error code on that request The request is your apikey number, and should be just a few files below ‘startup.js’.

Could it be that they’ve got a bookmark with their api key in the url? Would that have any effect compared to logging in and inputting your api key when prompted?

No, it sends the apikey either way. Using the url just keeps it from saving your data in your browser’s localStorage. That way, you can keep your own data in localStorage (by logging in), and bookmark a friend’s stats without overwriting your own in the browser cache.

Just making sure.

@rfindley is the bestest.

Awesome man! Could you add a total figure for all levels at the top somewhere? Like say “654 (burned)”

Sorry if that is asking for too much :p.

^^^ I’ll put it on the list.

I have a weird bug… OP please fix :pray:

nevermind, fixed it by blacklisting the site in WaniKanify