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Hi all!

So I recently reset WK from level 34 to level 1 and to my sadness the stats site is completely broken. It looks something like this:

It also says that I’ll have everything burned by the year 2070. :joy:

I tried looking through this thread but found nothing that helped. Any advice @rfindley?

After resetting, you’ll need to start using version 2 of the site: [wkstats.com/v2]


Yes, the v1 API doesn’t expose resets. Unless you actually did take 900 days on this level! :wink:

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I don’t know if this is the right place to comment on this but there seems to be an error with how wkstats V2 is calculating the “Level-up In” time.

On V2 it shows this:

But on v1 it shows:

And if I check my kanji on the current WK level, the batch that will level me up is indeed coming in 23 hours.

There’s also a difference in the “Typical Level-up” time and the “Average Level-up” time in the 2 apps but I assume that there might be some difference in how these values are calculated.

You couldn’t have found a better place to comment on this. In addition, you were correct in just about everything you said.

The v1 site’s “Level-up in” is showing the fastest possible, which is the 23h you mentioned. Technically, it actually shows you the greater of (a) the time remaining before you reach your average level-up time, or (b) the soonest you can level up.

So, for example, if your average level-up time is 8 days and you’ve been on the level for 6 days, it will generally show level-up in 2 days. But (again) if your average is 8 days and you’ve been on the level for 9 days, and your final review for this level is in 1 day, it will show the soonest you can level up… which is in 1 day.

The v2 site’s “Level-up in” is only showing the time remaining until you reach your median level-up time, because I wasn’t done creating the new “fastest possible” calculation when I created the new v2 dashboard. The v2 “fastest possible” calculation is done now, and actually takes every individual item’s current status into account, which the v1 site couldn’t do since that info wasn’t available in the WK APIv1. But I haven’t had time to go back in and update the v2 site’s “Level-up in” calculation to include the “fastest possible”.

As for the “Typical Level-up”, v2 uses your median time, and v1 uses your average time. Median is a better guess in almost all cases, because it is unaffected by very long level times (like if you stopped WK for a while). Usually, people’s median time is shorter than their average time, but there are a few exceptions.

Anyway… I’ll finish the v2 stuff eventually, but I won’t have time for at least a few more months. Other than that, the v2 site is generally much more accurate.


Hello - are there any plans to take resets into account? I started WK in 2015 and all the stats seem to be calculated from that. I’ve reset twice and taken a chunk of time away - I started my most recent run through in Jan 2018, I think. I mean, OK, that’s still quite a lot of days per level, but it’s more like 60-90 days rather than 186 days!

Have you tried version 2 of the site?

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Thanks so much again for this wonderful site! Is there some technical issue in adding projections with API 2?

Nope, just a time issue. I’ll get to it eventually.


Ah, no, sorry, I am a fool.
Now I’ve tried it, I can see it takes account of my resets beautifully!

@rfindley The Kyoiku list is changing in 2020 to add 20 more prefecture kanji:

Is there any way you can update the v1 and v2 versions of the site with this?

Also, some kanji were shuffled around in the joyo levels… this would also require an update:

You know that’s the exact same thing, right?

Well, you said that 20 Kanji were added, but from what I see in the PDF is that they (plus some others) were moved around (the prefecture Kanji were mainly moved from Kanken pre-2 to 7 afaict, but some others are moved to other levels), so I thought my comment was an extension to yours…
If it’s the same thing, then apologies!

Well, this site doesn’t cover Kanken, or I certainly would have posted that like I did on the other thread.

I only knew to post my comment because of that, though.

But, yeah, basically, kanji are being moved around, causing 20 kanji to be added to the kyōiku.

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Hi everyone,

I haven’t read the entire topic, so maybe it has already been discussed, but here it is.

According to the statistic website, I have started Level 11 seven days ago. Well, in fact, I did not even finished vocabulary from Level 10. I think it would be more interesting (and realistic) if a level is considered “started” when people actually did the first lesson (and not when the previous one is completed).

It’s probably not an issue for people going fast, but for people going at a slow pace, like me, it changes everything.

The stat website still remains an incredible tool !! So thank you guys anyway!!


I think WaniKani, the site itself, considers you level 11 once you guru 90% of level 10’s kanji. If I check your profile right now…

Here WaniKani says you’re level 11.

So the WK stats site could wait until you’ve done at least one level 11 lesson, but since the main site has leveled you up already, it wouldn’t really make much sense to do so.


Well. It’s a fair point. I just think it would be more accurate if the website were counting days that way.

Anyway, I can still do my reviews and lessons. That’s what matters at the end :slight_smile:

A few people have mentioned that idea before: Marking the start of a level as the time that you do your first lesson on the level.

I think it’s a good idea, and when I eventually have time to finish v2 of the site, I plan to make it an option. (Some people also said they prefer that it stay as-is)