Stats page not updating my level


I got to level 13 this morning, completing level 12 in 9 days and 0 hours. However, now it’s saying that I’ve been on level 13 for 0 days and 0 hours, even though I leveled up 7 hours ago, so it just added the 7 hours to level 12 and said that I completed it in 9 days and 7 hours. How do I fix this?


The stats page is user-made so it’d probably be best to let @rfindley know directly ^^


Oh, also, there’s this:


You can try this one for the time being if you want


Thank god for force refresh :pray:t4: It’s fixed, thanks @MissMisc and @heisamaniac


The current version of the stats site can only detect when you finish a level based on when you do the lessons for the radicals from the next level. So normally when it continues counting up, it’s because you haven’t done those lessons yet.