Starting Over From Level 60


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I’m planning on reading/listening more, N2/N1 bunpro and Anki based on the Kodansha course at my own (slower) pace. Whilst I do like doing WK lessons/reviews the commitment is huge and I don’t think I can keep it up for over 2 years which is what level 60 is going to take me.


Wow! That’s really intense! Happy to hear your parents (mostly) kept her at bay about it. I don’t understand such hyper-conformity. Glad some parts of the world are getting over that cultural perception.

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Are some people using KaniWani instead of resetting? You can customize to problem levels and it’s more difficult format. For me, it’s been essential to get my new vocab into my spoken dialogue. To me, it sounds more time effective and still has that nice reward feeling (or not).


Ahhh, yeah!! it’s so curious… there’s a video i saw once they did this with college kids and afterwards each built their own desing and tried to ride it… and as with the link you share most of the designs were rendered useless.

It also reminds me about this other video… but I guess now it’s a bit off topic, but it also displays a bit about our mind.


I support more reading too. I think it’s more important to learn to recognize things in the wild and with context rather than just one by one. SRS is a great thing but real life is very different.


I think you will discover later on the stroke order is very important, especially when writing.


I decided a better way was to use the burn manager script to reset kanji level by level. Since I have a fair amount of unburned items still, it allows me to better learn them, while introducing older kanji back into the mix. It’s surprising (and somewhat embarrassing) how little I retained, but it’s probably on me for not reading enough. The second time around the poorly retained kanji are easy to learn. I’ve noticed a lot of problems with learning visual similar kanji at different times and now as they re-introduce into the mix while their similar pairs are still at play has been very beneficial. I’m still trying to hammer through a backlog of probably 500 really bad leeches.

I haven’t tried to re-introduce vocab since I expect to re-learn them as I read more. Vocab are also easier to retain compared to individual kanji, especially the very commonly used vocab.

I’m really honestly a terrible memorizer and slow learner for things not related to math and science, so WK took me quiet a long time to reach level 60.


i think this happens to everyone. I did some reviews of old kanji/vocab and never remembered learning them. The vocab were a little easier to figure out but some kanji looked like I had never seen them before.


Yes, I remember seeing this before. (To go back on topic,) Learning to ride a bicycle with the directions reversed is kind of like starting over from Level 60. Or maybe it’s more like learning Chinese after reaching level 60.


I was considering doing so… well not exactly at level 60 but after at least passing N2
I’ve a Taiwanese friend learning japanese, she says it’s not that hard because after all while here you learn the most common of the meanings they as natives know a bit more of the oscure ones which stem from ancient chinese.

and yeah just how much you must need to unlearn in order to learn Chinese or to re learn stuff you think you’ve already burn

i think thats the drill… but at the end i see a path of deeper understanding, maybe its worth it


I’m considering a “staggered reset” for my second run-through. Don’t try this at home.

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April 2018-March 2019? 1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40
April 2019-March 2020? 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50
April 2020-March 2021? 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60


Probably worth it. No doubt it’s easier for your Taiwanese friend to learn Japanese because kanji knowledge is already quite cemented in his/her brain. It’s when you learn a second/third language that it becomes tricky.

I learned Spanish starting in high school, then a few years later I studied French starting from scratch in an immersive program. During that period, every time I learned a word in French, I could feel myself losing the corresponding word in Spanish. It was frustrating. Eventually, I picked up Spanish again (I’m still much better at Spanish than French) and it all evened out again. But I can imagine trying to learn Chinese after Japanese would mess with your Japanese, at least for a while.


You can practice with me anytime No, seriously it would be nice

Yes, just for a while, but there’s a threshold right? you must keep pushing forward


I’d prefer to read a bunch and create an Anki deck for any vocab/kanji that I have trouble with. That said, I’m not even halfway there yet.


I’m planning on doing that too. Maybe not with Anki but with memrise, quizlet, kitsune etc. Knowing 6000 words is awesome but there’s always going to be new things to learn after WK. :slight_smile: I’ll include the ones from WK that gave me trouble the most and also start building my decs by adding vocab from the things I read. I’m really looking forward to that actually.


I was seriously considering starting over, or at least resurrecting the kanji in vocabulary form, but @koichi says no, so…



I started over on a new account (this one) while resetting my old 60 account back to 45 to rereview the last 500 or so kanji, since I started using the review reorder add on at level 46 and felt that ultimately resulted in poor retention. Plus it was hard to dig out from 2000 reviews by the time I hit 60. I don’t mind going through everything again, since I’m in the middle of Japanese classes and it lets me review the things I didn’t really “get” when I first started WK, like the transitive/intransitive stuff. Also allows me to focus more on learning more toward production when paired with KW (which I also didn’t discover until, like, level 50) which is helpful toward the speaking and listening comprehension portion of my classes.


Check this out if you want to suffer learn how to draw kanji.


Same here. I don’t think re-doing WK quite counts as a punishment. It’s sort of fun, and I think I’ll miss it a bit once I’m finished. But as far as the time commitment, I think there are better ways to advance one’s Japanese than re-doing WK. I’d think at that point, spending the time you’d be doing WK by reading NHK News, Japanese Amazon reviews, light novels, etc. would reinforce the WK kanji, introduce new vocabulary using those same kanji (more reinforcement), introduce and reinforce grammar constructs, idioms, etc.