Starting off veeery slooow

I am loving WaniKani. It’s like magic, like I’m learning all these brand new kanji and radicals and they’re actually sticking.****

But it’s started off very slow. I might do maybe reviews of 15-20 a day and i’ve only had one other lesson in about five days. What’s the process for when new lessons drip into my feed?

Also - radicals. The names we’re learning for them, do they actually correspond to the official meanings of the radicals, or did Koichi just give memorable names?

I can’t wait to become a master of this stuff.

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For now, many of the radicals have been renamed for the purpose of the mnemonics. But that’s going to change sometime in the future (for those radicals that have meanings, and aren’t made up by WK staff), anyway.

Perhaps check out the “What do I do now?” thread pinned at the top of the Campfire section for ideas of other things to do…

See the FAQ

Levels one and two are different from the rest, though, so you should be able to complete them in about 3 days if you do your reviews as soon as they are available.

WaniKani radicals are not kanij-dictionary-radicals. Sometimes they’re the same, sometimes they’re just random kanji parts. And there are no official names for any radicals in English, so don’t worry too much about that. PLUS, they are going to revamp the radicals soon, so I guess maybe you’ll mostly experience new radicals.

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