Starting from scratch isn't as scary as it seems

Okay, my first venture into Kanji tripped and fell on it’s face.

I was about level 9 when my reviews exploded after being ill. Things got out of control, and suddenly rather than embracing the chaos, I entered vaction mode for nearly 6 months.

I was finally ready to come back, and made the decision to start from 0. Well, 1. It was daunting, I hated the thought. But I needed to refresh Kanji I knew, and re-learn those I forgot, and there was only one way to do that.

Two weeks later and I am just finishing off Level 3 again. I have zoomed through the first 3 levels faster than I ever could have hoped. Kanji I was “learning again” only took a brief moment to be reminded of. Vocab words were suddenly coming back to me.

I don’t regret erasing 9 levels worth of progress. It’s not a decision to be made lightly, but if you truly want a fresh start, it’s so worth it. Even if you lose all of those precious burned items.


The hardest part of learning a language is myself so you’re off to a good start


You’re in good company. I’ve seen people around here reset at all sorts of levels. (Some people even restart after level 60 (°口°;) !!) I myself restarted from 21 (for various reasons) and don’t regret it either. If you’ve been away sometimes resetting is a good refresher. (And zooming through levels is pretty satisfying because it shows I remember something, even as long as its been). The only one who can set the pace for your learning is you. The important thing is to stay consistent.


Is there no way to review levels without having to reset the system?

My main computer has what I do, but I think the userscript Self-Study Quiz (maybe combined with another one?) will let you look at them on the levels pages

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This is my exact experience after resetting from 17 to 11. I may have forgotten the level 12+ stuff, but the brain connections were still there, just needed to connect to them once again.
But breezing through for the time being will be fun. Just remember to slow your pace once you get closer to your original level so that you dont get overwhelmed with reviews once lessons become less dejavu again :slight_smile:

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You can choose to reset down to a specific level, rather than all the way to the beginning. I recently reset down to level 7 from I think level 28 or so. I used to figure out which levels had items I couldn’t remember, and which ones I pretty much knew them all. I found that I could remember almost everything up to level 6, but level 7 started to have some items I couldn’t remember.

Also, even after restarting at level 7, there were still a few items from previous levels I felt I could use a refresher on, so I went to those specific item’s pages in WK, and at the bottom of the page there’s a Resurrect button (assuming you’ve already Burned it), so you don’t have to restart a whole level if you just want to revive some of that level’s items.

The Reset option is a more convenient way to go back several levels than having to resurrect a whole bunch of items by hand. Resetting also clears previous progress from your account’s data, though, so it’s a little bit more ‘extreme’ than resurrecting items. When you resurrect an item, you can ‘re-burn’ it if you want to, whenever you want (even immediately). With resetting, the only way to reburn an item is to review it all the way to Enlightened and then Burned again.

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Exactly. That’s why when I found the :durtle_hello: Let’s Durtle the Scenic Route :turtle: thread, I was glad to find some like-minded folks who, like me, wanted to slow down a bit to ensure I’m able to really enjoy the process of learning Japanese again, and not go overboard with the idea of “Gotta get to level 60 ASAP!” :sweat_smile: Nothing wrong with folks who have desire or need to do that, it’s just too stressful for me personally.

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I think you meant to link to :durtle_hello: Let's Durtle the Scenic Route 🐢 based on the title?

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Yeah, whoops! Musta misclicked or something. Kinda weird but I fixed the link. Thanks!

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Thanks everyone <3 ! As soon as I started to get into the Kanji I didn’t know by heart, I slowed down dramatically and am taking my time to make sure I don’t overload my reviews again.

I chose to reset entirely, as I wanted that clean slate in order to really assess what I could remember and what I couldn’t. I have learnt best through wanikani, and struggle with just revising via looking at sites. It’s not the path for everyone, but it was the right path for me.


Yeah, choosing the path to reset is a very difficult decision, but resetting six levels was what I needed (and probably more too) so I can see a total restart being helpful depending on the length of your break and size of your review pile on reentry

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An update (mainly so I can look back on this :smiley: )

I’ve been keeping at it for nearly 3 months now (with a two week blip due to life/illness), and am on level 8! I’ve found a grove that keeps my reviews manageable, and whilst at first I sailed through, I am approaching levels where I am nowhere near as confident. In fact, about 90% of the Kanji I am learning now is unfamiliar.

I’m a level away from reaching my previous reset. When I reach level 10, I might have a little party to celebrate beating my last position!!!