Starting, but not quite trusting

That completely derailed this entire thread. :smiley:

“Needs to be cleaned” or “needs cleaning”.

That sentence is not passive. The subject of the verb “to clean” is “the carpet” (“the carpet needs”), and the object is the phrase “to be cleaned”. “To be cleaned” is what is needed by the carpet.

No, it was intentional. Some people (a lot of people, actually) say it like that, and prefer to say it like that. Check out this question on Stack Exchange.

Rather, when you start saying “that is completely wrong and people who speak like that are stupid / uneducated / ignorant / wrong / etc”. One of the reasons why this field of study is so fascinating is because language carries with it a huge sense of identity and community.

So when I speak in a certain way, and so does all my family, and my friends, my elders, the people I respect etc… and someone comes in and says “that’s the way uneducated people speak”, then you are insulting me and all the people around me, and all our shared history.

Take Jamaican Patois, which can be considered some sort of “lesser” form of English, or a language in its own right. Hint: only one of these is demeaning to present-day Jamaican culture.