Starting back from zero - a resetter logbook

Hi. I’ve been using this website until level 14 where covid stroke my country. Oddly, while I was given more time for my japanese, I lost all motivation. Now I want to start it again, so I’m doing it from the very beginning.

Wish me luck!

Starting again at Level 1 on 08/17/2020.



Good luck and enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

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Best of luck!


Unsurprisingly, I still remember those 26 radicals (except maybe toe that I had to reread once before that “of course” moment)


The radical on that that was out of sync for me was “power” because it took me a while to differentiate it well enough from the one for “nine”.


You didn’t reset to level 0? What do you mean you started from the beginning and “from zero?” :wink:

Best of luck with restarting WK…

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I also reset from something around level 10 to 1 at the end of last year after neglecting WaniKani for around 3 or 4 years, now I’m finally higher than where I last ended. Overall I don’t regret it, as WaniKani is all about the long game anyways.

Good luck!


Got to level 2!
It was of course pretty easy but i still needed tolook up some on’yomi of some vocabs.
Onto level 2!


Almost forgot the 0/0 for good luck :smiley:


I forgot how tricky level 2 could be, with tons of way to screw you over.
BTW, this is still free WK territory right ? (up to level 4 if I recall) If so that’s already fantastic content.

Without further ado: Level 3 !

How about level 4 ? It’s starting to get longer because of double time, but I feel like it’s needed.
I’m continuing bunpro too, 17 consecutive days for now.

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頑張って! :partying_face:
You can do it!

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Got my first Master items today, also I am now at 35/36 kanjis to go to next level, dammit !
I signed up and paid for the JLPT N5, only need to send the A4 enveloppe and I’ll be all set !

Up to Chapter 3 in みんなの日本語初級1, I was at chapter 6 before, so slowly catching up, making sure I take my time to learn the most I can before moving on.


Level 5 finally ! It did happens just 7 hour after the previous message on this thread, but it took me a while to 0/0 it (on purpose).
A lot of cool kanji is appearing back, so I’m glad to get back to this point :slight_smile:

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Hi, I followed your example and did the same thing yesterday. I had a major loss of motivation since the beginning of the C-crisis, so I didn’t do WK for months. And now I have forgotten a lot of the lower level stuff so that the mnemonics don’t work for me anymore. So I figured - why not be radical about it? Heh…

And my resolution for this time is to just go with WK’s given flow and not use the reorder script that much- if at all. Also, I love the new interface with the previews, looooove it!

So - as a fellow resetter I wish you the best of luck<3


same here… was lv 14 on march 21…

covid happened… lost motivation.

restart from lv 1 again… except this time seems a lot easier so far.


@Nadhari I’ve never been this diligent with my japanese as I am now, resetting was the right call for me.
Current progress:

  • みんなの日本語初級1: chapter 6
  • 文プロ: Level 18, following the above book up to chapter 7 for now
  • Wanikani: Level 6 ! 6.5 actually, forgot to post the picture here, so here it is:

The JLPT confirmed that they received my full application, so now the cramming begins !


Same for me, I was level 9 in march/april and stopped WK cuz University got to much, started up again by resetting to lvl 1 and I am almost back up to 9 again. Resetting was the right move.

Just lost my study streak of 34 on bunpro :’( I really thought I studied yesterday, damn.