Stage 2 - small victories

Watching a movie I realized I am at stage 2 in my kanji learning. I now see lots of kanji I recognize - I forget what they mean or the reading, but I get a small high off recognizing what were once tiny Jackson Pollock postage stamps. If the subtitles had purple or bubblegum pink backgrounds, I would probably do better.

Anyway, context, it’s a bit weird how simple environmental factors come into play. And it’s important to find other opportunities to experience the kanji.


What movie was it and what’s stage 2? :slight_smile:

Anyway, good job!

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The more you study the more you’ll recognise.

I feel the same way when I encounter a sentence in the wild and there’s usually two responses:

  • I should know this but I can’t understand it
  • I don’t know why I understand this but I do

Both are equally rewarding because it highlights things you know and things you need to know. :slight_smile:


Dunno about movies, but the stages of reading are:

  1. Why are there so many kanji?
  2. Why are there so few kanji?

Interesting… I never knew there were any stages :sweat_smile: . I thought it was a spectrum like on WaniKani, defined by % of kanji you can recognize and/or read.

Well, my post wasn’t about any official list of stages, more a poke at the fact that there’s always a point when you’re starting to read native material - especially native material intended for kids - where you’ve learnt enough kanji that the lack of its use in said material starts to become a hinderance to understanding, so you start to wonder why they have so many kanji if they don’t actually use the things.


Yeah, sometimes the lack of kanji gets in the way. It’s a gripe I have with Genki at times when they give kanji for new vocab items in the Vocabulary section or before reading comprehension exercises, but when a new word pops up in the exercise itself, they write it in kana. Which is okay, but sometimes the kana-only verbs have a different meaning so I get confused :slight_smile: .

Definitely - and as hard as WaniKani is for me, it can become a safe zone. So, go kanji hunting a bag a few in the wild.


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