SSL Mixed Content Blocked


I’m getting Mixed Content blocked warning on Firefox Quantum. Some of WK content is being blocked especially fonts. Also I could not play any audio during lessons until I disabled SSL protection. Audio is working on individual vocab pages though.


You can ignore error shown in console for ‘


Hrrrm, well, I opened up the page on Quantum (a very vanilla installation) and didn’t get any mixed content warnings on my end. I checked out the source code for lessons and reviews, and the audio listed in there specifies https for the source. I also took a look, and we don’t call for Roboto, Oswald, or DroidSans anywhere in our JS (compiled or the raw source).

Are you running any userscripts? I also see a few browser extensions in there — could they be injecting fonts into the page anywhere?


hmm. I tried it on a different computer and issue didn’t reproduce. Looks like issue is on my computer. Sorry about that.