Spy x Family | Week 3 Discussion

Oh, you’re right. Nice, that means I can just use the chapters to split next week’s reading up. And then one more chapter and it’s over. This really is a quick club!


For this week, i drew my favorite panel but its with me and my wife. :slight_smile:

I do plan to color it, but wanted to save it before i accidently ruin it forever xD

Pg 101

Has anyone “cracked the code” on the numbers in the message?

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Well I finished the chapter…luckily I was able to read large parts without looking things up or it would have taken me forever.I did learn that 下心 means ulterior motives but it took me ages to look it up haha


With stuff like that I usually use the auto-kanji feature on my phone to type it into jisho.org or something. So I would open my Japanese keyboard, type shita and click on the first kanji, and then type kokoro and click on the second kanji when my keyboard recommends it, and then I don’t need to know the actual pronunciation to look up the word.

(Sorry, that was possibly stupid unsolicited advice, but it’s super quick, I think)